Happy! Loses Bobby Moynihan As Unicorn

Bobby Moynihan backs out of voicing the title character, a hallucinated blue unicorn named Happy, in Syfy’s new hitman drama.

It turns out that SNL actor Bobby Moynihan, due to his increasingly busy schedule, will no longer be voicing the imaginary blue unicorn in Syfy’s cop-turned-hitman drama, Happy! Likely due to his starring role in the upcoming CBS comedy, Me, Myself & I, Moynihan won’t be able to lend his vocal stylings to the animated character that haunts the main character in the show.

Happy! follows a former star detective named Nick Sax (played by Christopher Meloni of Law and Order: SVU) who falls from grace to become a drunk, corrupt gun-for-hire. Happy the unicorn is a relentlessly joyful creature who dogs the ex-cop’s every step after a hit gone wrong. As Nick Sax drifts through a life of booze and drugs, casual killing, and empty sex, he and his new companion will become an unlikely pairing in this nominally fantastic dark comedy, a first for Syfy, which is known for its science fiction, fantasy, and horror offerings.

Moynihan has made a name for himself on Saturday Night Live, and many wondered if he might be exiting the comedy sketch show because of this new gig on Syfy in addition to his CBS sitcom role. Indeed, Moynihan is exiting SNL after nine seasons, but Happy! also didn’t make the cut. That being said, the actor is no stranger to voice work, having taken to the recording booth for The Secret Life of Pets and the Disney Channel’s DuckTales reboot.

Happy! is based on the best-selling graphic novel of the same name by Grant Morrison of Batman and The Invisibles fame. The writer will executive produce along with Brian Taylor, who co-wrote the pilot with Morrison; Neal Moritz; Pavun Shetty; and Toby Jaffe.

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