Grimjack Adaptation Announced by Russo Brothers at SDCC 2019

The Russo Brothers are producing an adaptation of a cult favorite graphic novel series called Grimjack.

Grimjack Russo Brothers SDCC

At the same panel where the Russos revealed an adaptation of Battle of the Planets and a remake of The Thomas Crown Affair, the brothers also announced a film adaptation of a relatively obscure comic known as Grimjack

We don’t know much definitive information about this upcoming adaptation, but much like Battle of the Planets, the Russos are officially producing the Grimjack adaptation and leaving room for the possibility of directing it. 

Unlike the Battle of the Planets adaptation, which is set to be a movie, there’s some debate at the moment regarding whether or not Grimjack is going to be a film or TV series. Different outlets are reporting different information (with some saying that it will be an Amazon series), which tends to suggest that plans may not be set in stone at the moment. However, Collider has gotten their hands on what seems to be the synopsis for the project. 

Grimjack is the story of mercenary and his crew who are forced to dig into their own pasts when Grimjack’s estranged teenage daughter comes to him looking for help. This will take them through the insane streets of Cynosure, a mysterious city where all parallel universes intersect.  There, this unlikely team fights to save not just themselves, but all the planes of existence as we know it.”

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The Grimjack graphic novel follows a man named John Gaunt (a.k.a. Grimjack) who lives in the slums of a city that happens to be the hub for parallel universes. Gaunt’s history as a veteran and gladiator makes him uniquely qualified to work as a mercenary in this strange city, but he can never quite seem to settle his various personal issues which include some dramatic family problems alluded to in the synopsis above. 

Interestingly, there was an adaptation of Grimjack scheduled to go into production in the ’90s, but that fell apart when J. Michael Straczynski got held up working on Babylon 5 and wasn’t able to write and direct. We’ll see if this attempt has more luck making it to the big (or small) screen. 

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