Gotham Season 5 Debuts Glimpse of Batman at TCA Appearance

At the 2019 TCA winter press tour, Fox provided a first glimpse of the Dark Knight, himself and teased what's in store for Gotham Season 5.

Gotham Season 5 Batman

First of all, don’t panic: the “first glimpse” of Gotham Season 5 Batman referred to in the headline is not the image above. That comes from Gotham Season 4, obviously. Fox hasn’t unveiled an actual photo of the caped crusader yet but we’ll add it to this post if and when they do.

At the Gotham Season 5 panel during the 2019 Television Critics Association winter press tour, Fox unveiled a trailer that featured scenes from the Gotham series finale…including a look at the Dark Knight, himself. 

Gotham producers John Stephens and Danny Cannon previously revealed at 2018 New York Comic Con that the show would flash forward ten years in the series finale, offering up a look at all the characters in full DC comic costumed glory. The appearance at TCA, however, confirmed once and for all that Batman would appear in the traditional garb. Not only that, but the fully-costumed Batman will partially be played by Gotham‘s own Bruce Wayne, despite his young age.

“Yes and no,” Stephens responded when asked whether that was Bruce wayne actor David Mazouz under the cowl. “The face that you see under the cowl is David Mazouz’s face,” Stephens confirmed. “We’ll hear David’s voice in his own Batman-y growl.” Though Stephens clarified that Mazouz won’t be filling out the 6’4 frame of the full-grown Batman costume. 

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In addition to the Batman reveal, the Gotham cast and crew offered up some other tidbits for what’s in store for the rest of the season and the eventual ten-year time jump.

When discussing their approach to the show’s approach to canon, Stephens reiterated that they’re not necessarily introducing the definitive version of characters but rather the Gotham universe’s version of these characters. That includes Cameron Monaghan’s “sort of Joker” Jerome/Jeremiah.

“If he’s not the Joker, then he’s someone who provides the origin story for who becomes the Joker,” Stephens said.

That same logic extends to a new member of the Batman rogue’s gallery that will be finding his way to Gotham: Killer Croc.

“We do a character later on this year where you go ‘boy, that really looks like Killer Croc,'” Stephens said.

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Selina Kyle actress Camren Bicondova confirmed that a “fully realized” version of Catwoman will appear in the show’s finale. 

“Yes you will. Period,” Bicondova said.

Though revelations of Batman and Jim Gordon’s mustache aside, the Gotham final season panel operated as a swan song for the cast and crew and their weird little corner of the DC universe.

“If you ever watch the show and think ‘God, they must be having a blast.’ It’s absolutely true,” Robin Lord Taylor said.

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