Gotham Season 4 Deleted Scene Digs Into Crime Scene Murders

We have an exclusive deleted scene from Gotham Season 4!

“Queen Takes Knight” was one of the better episodes of Gotham Season 4. Fans of the always hyper-chaotic DC series will remember that “Queen Takes Knight” served as the mid-winter finale and also saw the shocking death of one of Gotham’s mainstays. The episode featured some great character work with the always awesome Victor Zsasz and delved deep into the psyche of one Solomon Grundy.

Well, fans that plan to purchase the Gotham Season 4 Blu-ray have a special treat in store as the set will include a deleted scene from “Queen Takes Knight.” In this lost clip, Vanessa Harper and Jim Gordon view some grisly crime scene photos of two murdered goons that worked for Carmine Falcone. The scene offers a look at the growing working relationship between Harper and Gordon as they speculate about the Penguin’s involvement in the murder. Of course, the sequence foreshadows the episode’s shocking ending and offers a nice little unseen treat for the fans hungering for more of one of the season’s best episodes.

Check it out here…

With the upcoming season five being the final season of the series, Gotham fans need to grab as much as they can before Gotham goes dark for good.

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The Gotham Season 4 Blu-ray release will also include “The Best of DC TV’s Comic Con Panels San Deigo 2017,” a special feature on Solomon Grundy entitled “Solomon Grundy: Born on a Monday,” and another special feature focusing on The Sirens of Gotham.

You guys, I’m not a strong man and I need to watch a special feature on Solomon Grundy.

Gotham Season 4 is available now on digital and on DVD and Blu-ray on August 21.

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