Found! New ways to end Lost

As we sit in the long gap between seasons, Rob's been coming up with new ways to end the saga that is Lost...

Lost - The End

You’ve probably caught up with the end of series three of Lost by now, and whatever your take on that, there’s still a sneaking suspicion that the producers have little idea how to end the show.

Now, we’ve already had one stab at trying to end if for them, in this feature here: CLICK!

But now we’ve had some more thoughts. And in an effort to stop Lost becoming another X-Files, here are some more different ways to get to that currently-non-existent ending…

1. They find that instead of being trapped on an exotic island they are really just on a peninsular of mid-Wales and the they are free to potter off home via Barnmouth (for a stick of rock).

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2. It’s all a dream, being dreamt up by Alan Dale, while filming 24, Ugly Betty and 101 other TV shows where he plays the same character again and again.

3. They get rescued by a passing pedalo being manned by a member of the English Cricket team.

4. The water surrounding the island is really shallow and they all wade home.

5. The government assign Jack Bauer to rescue them. He turns up shoots up the smoke monster in the knee, deactivates the EM machines with a pair of garden sheers, tortures then blows up ‘The Others’ (just for fun), grabs a kiss from Kate and the zooms back home… all within 24 hours. It’d be quick…

6. After finding a mega large tub of BBQ sauce, Hurley bludgeons the rest of the cast to death, sets up a barbie on the beach by himself and has an ‘all you can eat Lost cast mixed grill’.

And the most likely?

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7. The cast and crew realise that nobody is watching, look around vaguely, shrug their shoulders and say it was all worth a try but now that Heroes is on nobody cares about this show any more. They also realise that if they had taken some advice from Life on Mars and only had two well planned, self-contained and perfectly wrapped up seasons that people wouldn’t now feel like they have spent dozens of hours of their time watching a show with absolutely no sign of a pay-off.

Lost series four starts next February. We can wait.