Flaked Season 2: Will Chip Get Redemption?

We sit down with Will Arnett and Ruth Kearney to talk Flaked season 2.

Will the truth set Chip free or bury him under the surface? 

We first met Chip, Will Arnett’s semi-autobiographical character, riding through Venice beach. On the outside, he’s tall, dark, and handsome, with a breezy air about him. Attractive not only to the opposite sex, but also to everyone he meets. He’s electric. But the man behind the curtain is a little more complex.

Flaked, in its first season, set Chip up as almost a guru-like figure. To the outside world, he’s a pillar in the community. Always there to lend a hand, help an alcoholic on the twelve-step journey. Chip’s almost inhumane on the outside, a fictional leader made up of all the qualities projected onto him by those around him. Only the viewers have an inside look, and even for them it can be hard to tell when it is we are being tricked by Chip’s charisma. The second season, though, might change all that and pull Chip from the fictional and fling him into reality towards some sort of redemption.

I sat down with Arnett and Ruth Kearney at the Netflix junket in New York to talk about where Chip is going in season two and if London is taking the ride.

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“At the end of the second season we hope that Chip is on his way to becoming authentic,” says Arnett. “He is kind of shedding a lot of the personas and things and all these impediments that he has put in the way of himself and who he really is. Trying to get rid of all that so he can be redeemed.”

In order for Chip to really be redeemed he has to convince those closest to him—  the ones who have bought into the faux-reality—  that he is shedding the old life and finding his truth. But after everything, can they buy it? Can London?

“No, because I think [London] is always a step behind, she’s just catching up,” Kearney says when I ask if she agrees that Chip is on his way to redemption. “They’re constantly kind of tripping and catching up with each other, and finding out another fact everyday. They keep saying they have to stop lying to each other but they just can’t. Until you reach the end of the season and finally everything is out on the table, and i think she definitely isn’t in a place to think he’s redeemed.”

Flaked season 2 will be about Chip shedding his skin and trying to find some place of authenticity so he can begin to live an actual reality. He will unfold and and strive for some transparency, but will the truth set him free?