Fifty Shades’ James Foley to direct new Alcatraz movie

James Foley swaps handcuffs for prison bars in remake of Escape From Alcatraz

The best movie ever made about Alcatraz is The Rock. No arguments. 

The second (probably) is Don Siegel’s 1979 Clint Eastwood classic, Escape From Alcatraz, and it’s about to get a remake courtesy of Fifty Shades’ director James Foley. 

According to Collider, Foley has signed on to direct a new retelling of the true story of Frank Morris, a bank robber who escaped The Rock in 1962 with three other prisoners. Morris, who is still on the US Marshall’s Most Wanted List, made his escape using fake wax heads and an improvised inflatable raft – somehow (possibly) crossing the freezing water of the San Francisco Bay to vanish into thin air. 

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The Eastwood film is one of the great escape movies and it’ll be a tough job for anyone to match it. Foley, who spent the last few years making two awful soft-core sequels, might not sound like the best man for the job, but he did direct 1992’s Glengarry Glen Ross, and 2003’s Confidence – as well as episodes of Twin PeaksHouse Of CardsWayward Pinesand Billions – so hopefully he was just dabbling with EL James for the money. 

No word yet on casting, or on any other details, but if it doesn’t feature a scene where Nicholas Cage ties someone to a missile and makes a really drawn-out reference to an Elton John song for a one-liner, it won’t be as good as The Rock.

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