Exclusive: Steven Universe: Vol 2 Soundtrack Track Listing

The Steven Universe: Volume 2 soundtrack will be accompanied by a karaoke album as well.

Steven Universe Volume 2 Soundtrack

For just one day, let’s only think about (a new Steven Universe soundtrack). After the release of the Volume 1 soundtrack in 2017, fans were eager to get their hands on the next batch of music from the popular series once it became available. Well that time is soon upon us!

Steven Universe: Volume 2 Soundtrack will be available Friday, April 12 for digital download and streaming. The soundtrack consist of twelve tracks including, “Change Your Mind,” “For Just One Day Let’s Only Think (Love),” and “Sadie Killer and the Suspects.” We’ve got the full tracklist below, which includes all the songs up through the end of the most recent season! 

1: The Working Dead

2: Sadie Killer and the Suspects

3: G-G-G-Ghost

4: The Distant Shore

5: Ruby Rider

6: Let’s Only Think About Love

7: Familiar

8: Escapism

9: Let Me Ska My Van Into Your Heart

10: We Are The Crystal Gems (Change Your Mind Version)

11: Change Your Mind

12: Love Like You (Reprise)

We’ve also got covert art of the release (minus the text from the cover), which you can see below.

Steven Universe Volume 2 Soundtrack

In addition a second album will also be released entitled Steven Universe: Karaoke. The official description says…

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For the first time ever, fans can sing-a-long as the Crystal Gems with Steven Universe: Karaoke releasing on the same day digitally and on streaming platforms. This special album contains instrumental versions of 11 of the most loved songs.

We’ve also got the full set list of those songs as well.

1: We Are The Crystal Gems: Main Title (Instrumental Version)

2: Do It For Her (Instrumental Version)

3: Stronger Than You (Instrumental Version)

4: We Are The Crystal Gems: Full Theme (Instrumental Version)

5: It’s Over Isn’t It (Instrumental Version)

6: Here Comes A Thought (Instrumental Version)

7: Love Like You: End Credits (Instrumental Version)

8: That Distant Shore (Instrumental Version)

9: Familiar (Instrumental Version)

10: Escapism (Instrumental Version)

11: We Are The Crystal Gems: Change Your Mind Version (Instrumental Version)

This is great time for all fans of Steven Universe music! If you want even more, the Steven Universe Season 2 DVD set will be released on Tuesday, April 16. You can see the cover art for that below.

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