Even the Twin Peaks Cast Doesn’t Know What’s Going On in Season 3

David Lynch showed up to the SDCC Twin Peaks panel in the only way he could - the weirdest manner possible.

David Lynch, unfortunately, could not personally attend the first-ever Hall H panel for his resurrected Twin Peaks at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, but he did show up in what could only be described as a Lynchian video message.

The video opened with static before the image settled into a shot of Lynch sitting in shadows. No sooner did he say, “Hello, ladies and gentlemen,” then he spied something happening offscreen. “You can’t go out that door,” he cried. “We’re on the fourth floor!” Lynch then exited the frame and more noise was heard in the distance, including what sounded like somebody doing just what Lynch warned them against – opening a door that led into thin air.

More static clouded the screen and when it cleared, Lynch was seated again, holding up an arm from which he pried a golf ball. “This is supposedly the last golf ball O.J. Simpson played before going to jail…” he intoned before the picture faded out again.

Take three found him getting at least to the point of mentioning the Twin Peaks panel before he exclaimed, “You can’t bring a horse in here!” Lynch disappeared off-camera again, this time shouting about a gun and crying out that the horse had stepped on his cat (which also vocalized its complaints from somewhere out of the frame).

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That was the end, and it left the audience amused and mystified and befuddled as only David Lynch could.

Moderator Damon Lindelof opened the panel with his own poignant memory of being a “weirdo” in high school who did not fit in, and how he immediately empathized with the other “weirdos” in the town of Twin Peaks when he first watched the show in April 1990. Lindelof also cited the impact of Twin Peaks on culture and TV, suggesting that shows like Fargo, The X-Files and his own Lost owed a debt to the original two-season run of Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost’s bizarre little soap opera.

Joining Lindelof on the stage were veteran Twin Peaks cast members like Kyle MacLachlan, James Marshall, Everett McGill, Dana Ashbrook, and Kimmy Robertson, along with newcomers to the show like Naomi Watts, Tim Roth, Don Murray, and Matthew Lillard.

There was very little talk about what’s happening on the show itself or what’s coming up in the weeks ahead, with MacLachlan – who admitted at one point that he didn’t know what his career might have looked like if not for Lynch, who cast him in Blue Velvet as well as Twin Peaks – saying that no one in the cast has seen the show “beyond what’s aired.”

The cast did say that the question they are asked the most is “What is David Lynch like?” It’s a riddle that was not solved at the panel, that’s for sure, and that’s probably just the way Lynch likes it.

Twin Peaks airs Sunday nights on Showtime.

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