Doug Jones on the Star Trek: Discovery Timeline

We've been trying to figure out the Star Trek: Discovery timeline since Day One. Can Doug Jones help?

Den of Geek recently talked to character actor Doug Jones about his new film, The Shape of Water. During the chat, we had a chance to ask Jones about his role as Saru in Star Trek: Discovery, specifically whether he could shed some light on the timeline mysteries potentially at the heart of the series.

When asked about the fan theories surrounding the possibility that Discovery could take place in a different universe, Jones said: “No, it’s not the Kelvin timeline. It’s the Prime timeline.” Note that Jones answered a slightly different question than the one we asked. The question is: does it only take place in the Prime timeline? And, if not, which timeline is Prime?

In the midseason finale, the Discovery seemed to make the jump into another universe, broaching the frontier of inter-universe travel. This means that, in theory, the Discovery could jump into an infinite amount of universes. (Though, given the state of Stamets, they probably shouldn’t.)

The Star Trek: Discovery creative team and cast have been insisting since Day One that the show takes place in the Prime universe. Taking into consideration the facts that a) cast and creatives sometimes lie in this post-spoiler culture (no hard feelings, guys) and b) they never specified that the show would start in the Prime universe, there are a lot of different explanations for what Besides, as a recent article from Inverse points out, thus far, even the Prime universe represents a lot of different incarnations of one timeline. 

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Jones continued by talking about how the differences in Starfleet uniforms pointed out by many fans is not a clue, saying:

Every Star Trek series, no matter where they fall in the overall timeline, they all look different. All the uniforms look different. In some ways the Klingons even look different in some way. So I think when you’re doing a show that’s set 10 years before the original series and yet the original series was on TV in the 60’s and ours in on TV in 2017, well, you have to appeal to a modern audience. 

Whether or not Discovery is pulling some timeline shenanigans on us, Jones is proud to be part of the show.

“I think there are enough accents and there is enough adherence to canon to satisfy the 1960s-lovers as well,” continued Jones. “I think it’s all there. Honestly. For me, it is. I’m very satisfied doing it.” We’re with Jones on this one.