Doctor Who: your views on Amy’s Choice

Our review of last weekend’s Doctor Who episode, Amy’s Choice, has come in for some criticism, and not many of you have been agreeing with it. Here’s what you’ve been saying…

Doctor Who series 5: Amy's Choice

Appreciating that it’d be a strange old world if we agreed on everything, we nonetheless found ourselves very much in the minority with our views on Saturday night’s episode of Doctor Who, Amy’s Choice. Our review of the episode concluded that it was an okay instalment of the show, but that it felt less than the sum of its impressive parts. However, across Twitter and the comments on the review itself, you’ve been very much putting us in our place!

Thus, given just how in the minority we appear to be, it seemed fair to put together a collection of the opinions you’ve been voicing in praise of the episode. We should point out too that some of the writers of Den Of Geek disagree with our main review too!

Before we get going, there’s just two things we’d like to correct that have popped up in the assorted comments.

Firstly, the quality of the special effects or otherwise makes not one iota of difference to the enjoyment of the episode. We’ve been watching Doctor Who for a long time, and never do we go into the show expecting the effects to rule the roost. We simply mention them because we’re interested in how far the show is managing to stretch its budget, and in the case of Saturday’s episode, because for a time we wondered if this was the lower budget episode (again, not that it makes any difference to our enjoyment, but most of us are used to the idea that there are a couple of financially cheaper episodes in the run, and if it’s not Amy’s Choice, we’re curious as to which it’ll be. Midnight was, after all, quite brilliant).

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Secondly, even though we liked Victory Of The Daleks, we don’t think it’s the highlight of the series to date by some distance!

Anyway, enough from us. Here’s what you’re been saying about Amy’s Choice, and about how very wrong you think we were!

On Twitter…

Yep. Definitely [you’re definitely in] a minority. We all thought it was better than Venice and Victory. Oh, and The Beast Below – @colinpspencer

Amy’s Choice had everything. Smart plot, snappy dialogue and some real heart – @jameshalligan

Maybe you expect far too much… – @kookyton

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Love your geekery normally, but feels like we watched a different episode based on your review. Thought it was great. – @Clive_Evil_C

thought it was rather good. Great lines & Toby Jones was wonderfully creepy as the dreamlord. Not as creepy as Rorys ponytail tho – @RobHP

really, who could possibly not like that! It was brilliant – @revoltingross

you guys must of watched a different show – general consensus here is that it was a great episode. – @obicolkenobi

I *loved* it. Sweet and funny and clever and some brilliant performances. The Rory/ Amy bits were wonderful & heartbreaking. – @RhodesRa

And in the comments section from the review itself…

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Really, really enjoyed it. Toby Jones was fantastic and I bet it had kids scared of their grandparents! Far, far better than ‘Victory of the Daleks’ (which could’ve been and AMAZING two-parter). Strange review by DoG- I normally agree with you! – Elor74

Great episode. Thrilling, much better than ‘Vampires’ five times better as ‘Daleks’. – Viridis

Certainly no masterpiece by a long stretch but one of the more memorable episodes of late … as for next week, it all looks rather run of the mill and uninspiring once again .. – SamTyler

All I have to say is… really? REALLY? This episode was absolute compelling. Focused, well-acted, great dialogue. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a review so off the mark before on this website. – KingOfThePotatoPeople

Loved it. Best of the series so far in my estimation, as a piece of drama rather than as a Doctor Who episode- to me the latter is something more monster-friendly, but this was great in the same way Midnight was. And like Midnight, it’s a clever circumvention of what’s obviously the cheap episode of the series. – MadProphet

Thought this was a brilliant small, gently paced (slightly old Who) type episode. – matthewsouthcott

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I am another who completely disagrees with the DoG reviewer, but then again he did like Victory of the Daleks so his taste was already in doubt! A very good change of pace and a very clever self-contained episode. The acting was up a notch, the script was very clever and really added flesh to Amy, Rory and The Doctor’s characters. I do agree that the ending was a bit of a cop out, but overall very good. – The_Tomahawk_Kid

Great episode! Knew nothing about it at all. DoG sure is off the pulse more and more these days. – Interference

This was a blip!?! I thought it was up there with The Weeping Angels two parter. I know it’s all subjective, but this is getting more favourable comments than Victory Of The Daleks which I enjoyed and Den Of Geek raved about. – Cameron [Quick note: we didn’t rave, we just liked it!]

Another ‘DISAGREE’. Wonderful episode! One of the best of the season, in fact. We really must not have watched the same show! —– You go and watch “Victory of the Daleks”, and I’ll keep this one, thanks. Got my grain of salt ready for next week’s review. – FonceFalooda

First of all, you are pulling our legs right? You really thought so little of the episode? The episode was fantastic as has been described in previous comments. I wonder if this wasn’t just a sly attempt (and a successful one) to get some higher quality comments out of your readers. So come on, the jig is up! Tell us what you REALLY thought of the episode. Because this is the only review of the new series so far that just doesn’t seem in place. – Who_Fan_12383650 [It wasn’t, but the comments have been great. All we can do with a review is give our opinion, come what may!]

Keep the comments coming, and whenever we find ourselves so much in the minority, it seems right and fair to put together a piece like this so you can all put us in our place!

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