Doctor Who: Top 10 Best Pond Moments

The new season of Doctor Who is fast approaching and, with it, The Doctor's new companion. So here is a fond look back

We know that many of you are still in denial regarding the departure of the Ponds. Or, in geek speak, you have many “feels.” And that’s totally understandable. Amy Pond was the longest running companion of New Who. She was feisty, funny and, most importantly, Scottish. And then there is her lovely husband Rory: a man who has been dead more times than one can count (seriously, comment the final body count for us please). We can’t forget their beautiful daughter, the sexy self-proclaimed psychopath known as Melody Pond/Mels/River Song/Mrs. 11th Doctor. Oh and her lovely husband, the 11th Doctor. And complete the whole thing with Rory’s father Brian. That’s a lot of Ponds! This large and dynamic family has played a huge role in the new series of DOCTOR WHO and their departure makes us really sad. So before we have to come to terms with a new companion, let’s look at the top 10 best Pond moments. Oh and as River would say “Spoilers!”

10. Brian Guards a Box (“The Power of Three”)

The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree in this episode of DOCTOR WHO. During the slow invasion of the tiny boxes, The Doctor asks Rory’s father Brian (who we were introduced to after he was accidentally teleported onto the TARDIS during the events of “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship”). And Brian does just that. He records and watches the box for an entire year. He films it every night and watches the tape back. His loyalty to The Doctor is both sweet and amusing. This is because we are lead to believe that watching boxes must be a Williams family trait given that Brian’s son did the same thing for 2000 years. It’s a wonderful “Pond” moment because it illustrates Rory’s relationship with his father and how similar the two really are.


9. Rory is Unfazed by the TARDIS (“The Vampires of Venice”)

Every time someone enters the TARDIS for the first time they marvel at it. How can this tiny phonebox be so big on the inside (or in the case of Donna Noble, how the hell is this so small on the outside). There is a moment of awe and wonder. The Doctor usually looks smugly at the naïve person and feels too cool for words. Except for once. Enter Rory Arthur Williams. This was before Rory became the Last Centurion, a sexy CIA agent, or River Song’s dad. This was just plain old nurse Rory and his anger. The Doctor has just crashed his bachelor party and proclaimed that Amy kissed him. Not exactly the news you want to hear before your wedding. So he storms into the TARDIS demanding an explanation. And, to the disappointment of The Doctor, doesn’t seem to care about the difference between the outside and inside of the TARDIS. This confrontation foreshadows a great deal of Rory BAMF-iness that we see later in the list.

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8. The Doctor Lives as a Human (“The Power of Three”)

The Doctor has an incredible and extraordinary life. He is blessed to travel through time and space on a whim. He fights aliens, saves planets and makes incredible memories along the way. And he adores humanity; that’s why he is always saving us. But he is challenged to live among us. In this episode he becomes antsy as he tries to live among regular humans. He wonders what Amy and Rory do with their time. At first he can’t handle it, but eventually he comes to stay with Amy and Rory. And settle in. And it is this extraordinary image; The Doctor playing video games, hanging out and just being…like us! It is an incredible moment during which we see The Doctor out of his element and learning about his companions on their terms and home turf.


7. The Doctor Marries River (“The Wedding of River Song”)

For those who don’t watch the show (or you were so heartbroken by the departure of the 10th Doctor that you’ve been unable to carry on) you may be wondering why The Doctor is considered a member of the Pond family. Well, it goes something like this: River is part Timelord (because she was conceived on the TARDIS); her parents are Amy and Rory; River grows up (and regenerates) and falls in the love with The Doctor. Their romantic past/future (timey-whimey) is only hinted at by River for a long time. She is clearly head over heels for this man. But we are left to wonder how The Doctor feels. Especially when River Song decides that destroying the universe is equal to the pain of living without him. Although The Doctor seems incredibly angry, he does finally agree to marry her, as long as she will stop attempting to rip a hole in the universe. And so he does it. He marries her in a very simple Timelord wedding (asking her parent’s blessings of course). And by this marriage he enters into the Pond family. But does The Doctor love River? That’s up for debate. We might argue that he takes these vows very seriously and really does play the husband role (especially by the time “The Angels Take Manhattan”). It will be interesting to see how this couple evolves.


6. River Kills the Doctor (“The Wedding of River Song”)

Of course their marriage is consummated at one point by River murdering The Doctor. In fact, their whole relationship prior to their marriage is based on the fact that The Doctor seems to know that River will eventually kill him. And it is a fixed point in time (meaning no timey-whimey switcheroos). We know it is inevitable. In fact, it is what River Song was destined to do her entire life. But don’t grab the Kleenex yet. All we know is drawn from the events we originally see on the beach in “The Impossible Astronaut.” So we just have to watch The Doctor jump through hoops to figure out how to preserve the timeline while attempting to stay alive. And of course, he manages this perfectly, but not before River attempts to change history by NOT shooting him. This causes a time paradox and throws the Universe into chaos. By marrying River, The Doctor convinces her that this must happen. But of course, they both have tricks up their sleeves. It’s a great moment because The Doctor uses all of his cleverness to keep himself alive (while also allowing River to “kill” him). Watching it play out is great fun and this episode and the ones leading up to it are nail biters for sure.

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5. Amy Saves the Starwhale (“The Beast Below”)

Less intense, but no less delightful is the time Amy saves the starwhale. It is one of the first times we get to see Amy really hold her own. She defies The Doctor for the sake of compassion. She takes a huge risk that ends up paying off in the end. She saves future Britain and a beautiful creature, the starwhale is the last of its kind. And we find out it chose to save Britain because it couldn’t bear to hear the human children crying. This episode is a real tearjerker and Amy brings it home with her comparison of the starwhale to The Doctor. It really shows Amy’s character and it made us fall in love with The Girl Who Waited.


4. River Regenerates (“Let’s Kill Hitler”) 

Almost all TV, movie, fiction dealing with time travel at some point attempts to kill Hitler. It seems like such a logical thing to do. And it exercises a real good power over the Universe. Plus, Nazis are the universal bad guys (with reason of course). So what could go wrong? Well of course it always goes wrong because that’s not how history works. And though River Song doesn’t get to kill Hitler, she does manage to utter one of the best lines in DOCTOR WHO history. She says “Well. I was on my way to this Gay Gypsy Bar Mitzvah for the disabled, when I suddenly thought, ‘Gosh. The Third Reich’s a bit rubbish. I think I’ll kill the Führer.’ Who’s with me?” This totally sums up who River Song is as a character. She’s sassy, smart,and a complete badass. This is a woman who takes on Nazis and laughs about it. It makes the list because not only is this the moment that Melody Pond/Mels switches to River Song but it also shows us where River starts from. You know, as a homicidal maniac determined to kill The Doctor.


3. The Last Centurion Guards a Box (“The Pandorica Opens”)

This list wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging how BAMF-y Rory Williams truly is. Up to this point Rory has been kind of a tagalong. He is always upstaged by Amy but that’s ok. He’s a lowkey character. But he is often in competition with Amy over her relationship with The Doctor. This is despite the fact that, on several occasions, Amy has chosen Rory over The Doctor. And we can see why. Rory is a sweetheart. He’s nurturing, kind and good. After being sucked into a crack in time and space we find Rory as a Roman soldier. And without going into a ton of details, he isn’t really a Roman. In fact, it’s not really even Rory. But that’s ok. Because this is DOCTOR WHO and the whole thing works out in the end. The Universe doesn’t implode and our regular Rory is returned (with his Roman memories intact). But what makes him so amazing is not that he’s just a Roman, he’s The Last Centurion. His robotic form (we told you, this is DOCTOR WHO. Just play along) stands outside the Pandorica. The Pandorica is a large box originally meant to hold The Doctor but Amy is put there instead. And Rory decides to prove his undying love for Amy by guarding the box. For 2000 years. He is awake the entire time (remember, not human) and remembers every moment. He is written into legend. Talk about love. And when Amy comes out she can’t believe he’s been there the whole time. If that doesn’t make a man a keeper, we don’t know what does.

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2. Amy Makes Her Choice (“The Angels Take Manhattan”)

One of Amy’s main conflicts as a character is “Rory vs The Doctor.” Who does she love more – Rory or The Doctor? Does she want an ordinary life or a life of adventure? Should she marry or stay single? Should she grow up or stay The Girl Who Waited? Amy Pond has been compared to Wendy from Peter Pan and with good reason. She must decide between adulthood and adventure. In “The Angels Take Manhattan” she finally makes her decision when she chooses to be with the love of her life, even though it means sacrificing her relationship with The Doctor and any further adventure. She doesn’t even seem to struggle with the choice. But that’s just a testament to how her character has grown. She went from a little girl waiting for her raggedy doctor to a young woman avoiding her wedding day, to a mother and wife. And she seems at peace with that choice. And though we are incredibly sad to lose her all of we Whovians imagine a happily ever after scenario with her and Rory.


1. Rory and Amy Have a Baby (“A Good Man Goes to War”)

And that happily ever after is great and all. But this list wouldn’t be anywhere near complete without the birth of River Song. In the episode “A Good Man Goes to War” we assume the title refers to The Doctor (the quote being “demon’s run when a good man goes to war”). But maybe not. Maybe this quote is referring to the return of The Last Centurion. When Rory shows up in full Roman gear demanding to know where The Silence have taken his wife it is an incredible show of power. This is not the same Rory we met at his bachelor party. This is a badass Rory who cares only about one thing – Amy. And Amy has been kidnapped and she’s pregnant. Therefore, mama bear (or papa bear in this instance) comes out. Of course after showing his strength and finding Amy he bursts into tears at the sight of his baby. And that’s the great contradiction about Rory. He is kind and strong. And he balances the two very well. And when they lose their baby it is devastating. But River Song reassures them that their baby will be ok (after all, the baby grows up to be her). 

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