Doctor Who: Tom Baker’s Final Episode Coming to Theaters

Don't miss the chance to see Classic Who episode "Logopolis" on the big screen with other Doctor Who fans.

There’s nothing like watching a classic episode of Doctor Who on the big screen. It’s not just about seeing something you love given the big-screen treatment; it’s about sharing the experience with a bunch of other Whovians.

Fathom Events, known for bringing fan favorite TV shows to the big screen for special events, just announced they will be screening Tom Baker’s final Doctor Who adventure, “Logopolis,” for the first time ever. Baker, who played the Fourth Doctor, is arguably the most iconic of the Classic Doctors, and is the most familiar to American audiences, who mostly first encountered Who on public television.

The 100-minute story will come to U.S. theaters on March 13th at 7 p.m. local time. The Classic Doctor Who episode also features companion Teegan (Janet Fielding) and Anthony Ainley as The Master. It ends, of course, with and the regeneration of Fourth Doctor into the Fifth Doctor, played by Peter Davison.

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The special event will also include some bonus content: an exclusive look at a brand new interview with Tom Baker and companions Janet Fielding and Sarah Sutton. The event comes in the lead up to the release of Tom Baker’s final season on Blu-ray, which hits the shelves on March 19th.

You can purchase tickets for “Doctor Who: Logopolis” right now at Fathom Events or participating theater box offices. Maybe see you there?

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