Doctor Who series 6 update

Another new writer for Doctor Who series 6 is confirmed, and the running order for the new run is also jiggled about. Details here…

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, which is on sale now, has revealed some updates to the running order of the upcoming series of the show, as well as details of a new writer.

As you probably know by now, the next series of the show is being split into two, with one block of seven episodes in the spring, a summer break, and a block of six episodes in the winter. (It looks like we’ll have Torchwood: Miracle Day falling into the break, although it seems that the 1st July broadcast date for Torchwood that we reported isn’t official).

Steven Moffat has, he’s revealed, moved the order of episodes around, to balance out the series more and combat the concerns of some that there weren’t enough “outside” episodes in the first half of the series run.

Thus, Mark Gatiss’ story for series 6 has moved to the winter, while the gap that leaves in the spring run (which includes episodes written by Moffat and Matthew Graham) is being filled by a Steve Thompson-penned story. Thompson wrote the second of the three Sherlock adventures for Moffat and Gatiss last year, and this is his Doctor Who debut.

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Thus, the series will open with a Steven Moffat two parter (part shot in the US), then will come Thompson’s story, then we’ll get Neil Gaiman’s, and then Matthew Graham’s.

More news, of course, as we get it.

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