Doctor Who series 6 news round-up

We’ve got tabloid gossip! We’ve got casting news! We’ve got director info! It’s a Doctor Who round-up!

Filming has got underway now on next year’s series of Doctor Who, the sixth since the show arrived back on our screens in 2005. And we’ve got a few bits and bobs to tell you about. We should, to be fair, point out that there’s some plot speculation ahead, fuelled by tabloids.

We’ve not added spoiler tags because, to us, it reads just like the usual tabloid game-playing. But just on the very off-chance, if you want to go into the next series absolutely cold, you might want to give the third and fourth of these stories a miss.

* First up, casting news. Emma Cunliffe and Daniel Mays are reported to have kicked-off next year’s collection of guest stars. Cunliffe is best known for The Lakes, while fans of Ashes To Ashes will need no introduction where Daniel Mays is concerned.

* As for the writers for season six? Our current understanding is that Steven Moffat is down for five episodes, and that Mark Gatiss and Neil Gaiman are down for stories too. Furthermore, Richard Clark has been added to the roster of directors, returning to the show having previously directed Gridlock and The Lazarus Experiment back in the David Tennant era (which suddenly feels a lot longer ago than it is).

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* And a Doctor Who round-up, of course, wouldn’t be complete without a bullshit tabloid rumour. This time it comes from the Daily Star, whose reliability in such matters isn’t particularly high. The Star reports that River Song will meet her maker in the upcoming series. We’d spoiler it, but for the fact that we’ve yet to meet a Star story, based on words from ‘a show insider’, of course, that’s managed to get a Doctor Who rumour right.

* The speculation instead, of course, is that the split in next year’s series, with seven episodes going out in the spring and six in the autumn, will point the finger at Amy Pond. Steven Moffat has, after all, promised a massive cliffhanger in the middle of the year, and rampant fan speculation has been that it’s going to be Amy Pond dying that’s at the heart of it. Again, we’d spoiler that, but for the fact that it seems to be more Internet tittle-tattle than anything of substance.

We will, of course, keep you posted as and when we get more Doctor Who news…