Doctor Who news round-up: Steven Moffat, Karen Gillan, Experience & Eternity Clock

A few things to do with Doctor Who, all in one place.

With the first episode of Doctor Who series 7 premiering in Edinburgh in August, rumours are rife that the show may return to our screens at the end of summer, or at the very least, early in September. We’ve got no confirmation or word on that either way, but we do have a mix of other Doctor Who news for you.

Firstly, some bits about series 7 of the show. As always, if you don’t want to know anything – even though we’re only discussing a fairly obvious plot point that’s already in the public domain – then look away!

Still here?

Okay. Steven Moffat has been nattering about writing Amy and Rory out of the show, and the challenge that he’s faced doing so. “You feel tremendous pressure with that”, he told The Huffington Post. “Because you don’t know if you’ve enjoyed a story until it’s over, and this is the ending. And then you’re bringing someone else in. All that is massively demanding.”

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Fortunately, Mr Moffat is very good at such things, and we eagerly await his latest work. The final episode of the Ponds will be the fifth in the upcoming series.

Karen Gillan, meanwhile, has been chatting to BBC America, and revealed that she’s love to make an appearance in Community. Community is a show that makes no effort to hide its love for Doctor Who, and Gillan said that “I watched one of the episodes and got hooked and now I really, really love [it]”. Gillan in Inspector Spacetime, anyone?

Elsewhere, and the spoilers are gone now, the Doctor Who Experience exhibition has got the keys to its new home in Cardiff. After a successful run in London, that ended earlier this year, the attraction is set to open again in Wales this coming July. The 20th of July, to be precise. Tickets will be on sale from the week before.

Finally? The upcoming videogame, The Eternity Clock, has been handed a release date, and it’s soon. The game will be available for both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, via download services, from 23rd May for the firmer, and 13th June for the latter. A boxed version will be released for PlayStation 3 on 25th May.

More Who news as we get it…

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