Diablo Animated Series Could Be Coming to Netflix

A Diablo animated series may be coming to Netflix! Here's what we know...

Diablo Animated Series

An animated Diablo series may soon be coming to Netflix. Andrew Cosby, founder of Boom! Studios, has tweeted that he’s in final talks with Netflix regarding an animated adaptation of Blizzard’s action RPG series. The original tweet has since been deleted, but it stated that Cosby hopes “to the High Heavens” that it “all works out,” which suggests that the deal is not final at this time. 

However, that initial tweet was enough to inspire people to do some digging into the situation. Cosby has previously spoken about his interest in doing a Diablo series and noted that if he were to do one, it would “DEFINITELY be Rated R.” While there’s no word at this time regarding whether or not he has stuck by his guns and is still insisting that an adaptation of Diablo be R-Rated, we don’t think it’s that much of a stretch to suggest that Netflix would be into that. 

Why? Well, the success of the Castlevania animated serieswhich we loved – could mean that Netflix might be open to the idea of pursuing other, similar projects. So far as that goes, the world of Diablo would certainly translate well to an R-Rated series

Blizzard isn’t saying anything about these rumors at the moment, but previous statements from the company suggest that this adaptation may indeed be in the works. Blizzard community manager Brandy Camel previously revealed that the studio is working on several projects related to the Diablo franchise. It was widely speculated that he was referring to multiple games (like a Diablo II remake). However, it makes a lot of sense that one of those projects is actually an animated series. 

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As for Cosby, he seems like the perfect guy to run such an adaptation. He’s clearly passionate about the Diablo franchise, has worked on a variety of “adult-oriented” properties, and has even worked on projects related to video games in the past. All in all, we’re excited by the potential of this project and look forward to bringing you more news as it becomes available. 

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