Dexter: second episode leaks

A few days ago, we reported that a second episode of the second season of Dexter had leaked weeks and weeks ahead of transmission. And now we've got more about just what slipped out...


Dexter season two hasn’t even started broadcasting in the US yet, and isn’t due to for many weeks to come. Yet the second episode to leak has now been watched by some of you out there, and this is one of the e-mails we’ve subsequently received…


“If you want to watch this went it officially screens then don’t read this!

Dexter‘s not a happy bunny. He’s lost that killing feeling, and he’s not used to failure.

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‘Waiting to Exhale’ finds him drifting, looking for the control that once epitomised his existence. The media has even given him a title, The Bay Harbour Butcher.

Things then take a further twist when Chino, Dexter‘s last failed fatality kills the only witness to his previous crime, and it’s Dexter‘s fault.

And then, completely out of left field, Chino turns up at the station with his lawyer and a DVD proving his innocence in the original murder, and walks.

Dexter knows he needs to keep one step ahead of Sgt Doakes, and an FBI expert brought in to solve his crimes, and yet he needs to kill and dispose of Chino while under the microscope. As the episode begins, that seems like a very tall order.

Actually he’s not the only one with problems. Debra’s still traumatised over the Ice Truck Killer, and Rita’s on the ragged edge. He tries to get Chino again, and fails again…is Dexter done as a mass murder? Tell me it’s not so!

Relax, he’s fine…as much he ever can be…but I’m not sure about any of the other characters in this show!

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Season two is turning out to be all about surviving, what that means for each of them, and moving on from past events to the future, whatever that might be.

While this episode is a bit scattergun in its approach, it does suggest some interesting character developments for season 2, and the odd heart stopping moments for Dexter. “

We wonder, then, how long we’ll all be waiting for episode three to leak?!

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