Dexter: season two opener leaked

The second season of Dexter is months away, but someone at Showtime/HBO seemingly couldn't resist giving everyone a taster, and posted the entire first episode onto the Internet some three months ahead of time...

Dexter. Reading the news about the episode leak...

The second season of Dexter starts on 30th September in the States. And yet, staggeringly, the entire first episode has been leaked onto the Internet. This has happened before, of course, with the new Doctor Who‘s debut, episodes of Prison Break and bits of The Wire. But never, ever, anywhere near this early.


Don’t read on if you don’t want to find out. From a number of sources (and thanks to everyone who e-mailed us), here’s a quick rundown of where season 2 takes Dexter initially.

The events of the first episode take place some 40 days or so after the season one climax. Dexter is still trying to deal with the investigative obsessions of Doakes, while his sister Debra tries to come to terms with her relationship with the ‘Ice Truck Killer’.

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This show is about messed up people, and the longer it goes on the more messed up they become. Rita realises Dexter’s complicity in her husband’s imprisonment, but ignores his request for help.

But Dexter’s life is about to take a sharp left, when he fails to actually go through with a killing, a totally new experience for him. It’s clear that where season one was about the controlled and efficient killing machine Dexter had become, the new motif is loss of control, and dealing with the consequences.

Before the end one major character from last season is dead, ironically not by Dexter’s hand, and some treasure hunting scuba divers uncover the evidence of his past crimes.

Will Dexter be forced to kill innocent people to protect his secret identity? Or is he just not the sociopath he once was?

Sadly, unless there are any more ‘leaks’ these questions will only be answered in late September.

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