Dexter season 7 casting news

A new regular has joined the cast of Showtime’s Dexter for season 7, which starts filming this very day…

This story may contain very mild spoilers.

Due to premiere at the end of September, season 7 of Showtime’s Dexter starts filming today, and as the cameras begin to roll comes news of a new cast member joining the show for a multi-episode arc.

Actor Jason Gedrick (Iron Eagle, Promised Land, Backdraft), a recent escapee from HBO’s cancelled horse-racing drama, Luck, is to play “the manager of a Miami-area gentleman’s club that becomes linked to a high-profile murder case” in the series. Sounds like a black hat to us, though in the world of Dexter, those lines are never absolutely drawn.

We found out recently that Thor’s Ray Stevenson is to play a senior member of an Eastern European crime ring in season 7, so it looks as if Dexter’s adversaries are slowly moving into place for the new season. After the Dexter and Deb revelations of the season 6 finale, September 30th can’t come soon enough…

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