Den of Geek loves Chloe from 24

We write our love letter to the character who, in our eyes, is the undoubted star of 24. It’s Chloe O'Brian.

24's Chloe O'Brian

It’s way past time we sat down and had a chat about Chloe O’Brian. Considering she made her debut in the third season of 24, she’s thus far managed to battle her way through not only four of Jack Bauer’s ‘testing’ days, she’s also managed to make her mark through at least two seasons of the show that could equally be described as really rather forgettable.

And yet, no matter what she’s asked to do, Chloe has continually proved herself to be a geek icon extraordinaire.

Her technical credentials were set early on in season three, where she basically spent the whole day sat at her desk. But this is the kind of person you wouldn’t want to tackle at a game of Call Of Duty online. Not because she’d beat you, more that she’d hack the entire system in a matter of seconds and potentially make sure that all your character had was a Nerf gun to fire.

Her computing expertise is perhaps without equal throughout 24’s run, not least because anyone else within CTU who seemed to have a degree of computer acumen was either killed (sorry Milo) or a turncoat.

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Like many characters in 24, she’s had to endure her fair share of daft subplots, the most ridiculous of which was when she had to babysit an infant in the midst of a national catastrophe for no obvious convincing reason whatsoever. And – yes! – she’s also been fired from CTU, only to return a matter of hours later. It’s a ritual they all have to go through.

Chloe came into her own as she moved into seasons four and five, becoming perhaps the person that Jack Bauer trusts the most in the show. And it was a blessed relief to see her appear in the now-running season seven – replete with new hair colouring!

But if we were to pick one Chloe moment that stands above all others, it was that moment in season four when she turned into television’s finest action hero. We were always fond of Chloe beforehand, but that elevated her in our eyes to Geek Icon status.

We salute you, Chloe. And long may you reign…

Now as long as someone doesn’t shatter the illusion and tells us it’s all pretend…

3 February 2009

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