Deadwood Revival May Begin Production in Fall 2018

Despite a lack of a formal green light from HBO, the Deadwood revival movie is looking to begin production in fall of 2018.

The possibility of a Deadwood reunion movie has inched slightly closer to reality as sources confirmed with TVLine that the project is looking to start filming in fall of 2018. Star Ian McShane, while answering questions about his role in American Gods, confirmed that David Milch’s two-hour movie script had been delivered to HBO. “If they don’t deliver, blame them,” McShane says.

Fellow star, Pamela Malcomson also has hopes that, despite all the delays and speculation, the reunion with her Deadwood cast mates is right around the corner. “I really think it will happen [this time],” says Malcolmson, “and I would never say that. I’m usually the most cynical about these things.”

At the January 2017 Television Critics Association press conference, programming executive Casey Bloys was already hinting that Milch was hard at work on the revival screenplay. “I haven’t read his script yet,” Bloys admitted. “I know he’s working on it, but I have not seen anything yet.” With the original announcement of the movie follow-up coming in January of 2016, the wait has been a long one for fans of Deadwood, the beloved series which ran from 2004 to 2006.

At the time, Bloys wouldn’t commit to a timeframe for the production or release date of such a movie. “I don’t want to get your hopes up or disappoint you in any way,” Bloys told reporters, “so I’ll just say I don’t have any news, which I truly don’t.” With this latest news, at least there’s stronger confidence of an eventual date.

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Although the original green light was given to the project by Bloys’ predecessor at HBO, Michael Lombardo, the Deadwood movie prospect lives on, providing a glimmer of hope that the revival could start production more than two years after rumors first started circulating.