David Lynch’s San Diego Comic-Con Message Is Perfectly Bizarre

If you expected David Lynch to introduce a Twin Peaks panel with anything remotely to do with Twin Peaks, you don't know Lynch.

If you’ve been watching the new season of Twin Peaks, you might know what to expect from a David Lynch video message. Imagine for a moment though, if you weren’t a Lynch fan. Imagine all the people crammed in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con just sitting through the Twin Peaks panel waiting for the actualy panel they were really there for. They’d just kinda glaze over during all the Twin Peaks talk, right?

Well watch this clip and imagine the shocked and befuddled looks on everyone’s faces when it played. 

— Twin Peaks (@SHO_TwinPeaks) August 2, 2017


Yes, David Lynch is in his own world. Is this clip trying to make us believe David Lynch killed a man? What about his cat? A horse? The video really defies explanation. You need to watch it. Don’t expect any insights into Twin Peaks or the insanity of its new season. It’s just David Lynch being David Lynch and that’s kind of beautiful in its own way.

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For those in the know, David Lynch rarely gives insight into his work. He freely lets people interpret it. So what do we get out of this video? Uh, David Lynch doesn’t like being interupted? He doesn’t like making videos for Comic-Con? I wonder what it was like when Showtime asked him to do it. Even better, what was Showtime’s reaction after he gave it to them?

For Lynch fans it must have been a trip. For anyone else? Well, if they didn’t have any idea what Twin Peaks was… Well they didn’t get much a good idea but they were bamboozled. That probably delights David Lynch to no end.

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