Dark Matter Season 3 Reviews, Episode Guide, and Other News

Dark Matter season 3 may be over, but we still have all the links to reviews, episode descriptions, and other news about the season.

With war seemingly around the corner each week, Dark Matter season 3 has been a wild ride. The show has proven itself again and again to be the master of surprise twists and complex puzzles. Now that this perennial favorite of the summer season on Syfy has finished its season 3 run, this article serves as a reminder of all the fun that was had with links to reviews, trailers, and other news we shared.

Dark Matter Season 3 Reviews and Episode Guide

Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi enjoys naming his episodes by polling Dark Matter viewers with choice lines spoken during each installment. Here are the episode titles they came up with, along with descriptions and links to reviews as they become available.

Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 1: “Being Better Is So Much Harder”

In the aftermath of the explosion, the Raza crew fights to survive. Help comes from a surprising source. (air date: June 9, 2017)

Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 2: “It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This”

It’s friend vs. friend as the Raza works to recover a deadly drive. Five’s past also isn’t what you think. (air date: June 9, 2017)

Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 3: “Welcome To the Revolution”

The crew tries to broker peace for a rebellion, but they won’t go out the way they came in. (air date: June 16, 2017)

Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 4: “All the Time In the World”

Unbeknownst to the rest of the crew, Three has been trapped in a time loop, reliving the same day. (air date: June 23, 2017)

Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 5: “Give It Up, Princess”

The crew must rescue kidnapped royalty to retrieve a file which could halt intergalactic war. (air date: June 30, 2017)

Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 6: “One More Card To Play”

Raza vs Raza. When other dimensional alternates of the crew steal weapons, the real crew must get them back. (air date: July 7, 2017)

Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 7: “Wish I Could Believe You”

An injured crew member is haunted by the life they left behind, unaware of the dangers lurking in the present. (air date: July 14, 2017)

Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 8: “Hot Chocolate”

While providing safe transport for some allies, The Raza comes under attack from within. (air date: July 21, 2017)

Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 9: “Isn’t That a Paradox”

When the Blink Drive self activates during a diagnostic, it transports the Raza and its crew through space and time. (air date: July 28, 2017)

Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 10: “Built, Not Born”

A distress call from the Android’s friend, Victor, leads to answers about TWO’s past. (air date: August 4, 2017)

Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 11: “The Dwarf Star Conspiracy”

One of the Android’s newly discovered memories leads the crew to a suspicious Dwarf Star facility on Nova 17. (air date: August 11, 2017)

Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 12: “My Final Gift To You”

Ryo invites his former crew to Zairon in a final attempt to secure the Blink Drive and his victory over Pyr. (air date: August 18, 2017)

Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 13: “Nowhere To Go”

The crew of the Raza unite Ferrous Corps’ enemies in an effort to end the corporate war. (air date: August 25, 2017)

Dark Matter Season 3 Trailer

The latest trailer assures Dark Matter fans that “bad guys have way more fun” and suggests that, as expected, Ryo Ishido will be the main villain in season 3.

The below trailer for Dark Matter season 3 is more of a teaser and comes to us courtesy of executive producer, Joseph Mallozzi. Take a look.

Dark Matter Season 3 News

Dark Matter Season 3 was initially joined by its younger partner, Wynonna Earp, the new 10 o’clock offering this summer. Its more familiar neighbor, Killjoys, joined at 8pm later in the month of June to make a triumvurate of powerful Friday night programming. It was certainly a fun summer!

As Dark Matter has aged it has become deeper, richer, and more complex, making the announcement that Syfy had renewed the series for a season 3 all the more welcome. When the renewal news came in just before season 2 ended, viewers were assured that the shocking cliffhanger would not be the show’s final bow.

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Dark Matter has taken advantage of its strengths this season, concentrating on the strange origins and complicated pasts of the Raza crew members. The series follows the ex-criminals as they attempt to live their lives away from the clutches of those who have past grudges or current designs on their unique strengths. A formidable ensemble cast of characters gives this show a wealth of story potential that it has fully taken advantage of.

The Dark Matter season 3 renewal was not unexpected as the the show’s average ratings have been very steady, along with its Killjoys lead-in on Fridays. In fact, viewership even increased as the season went along with the average weekly total being around 690,000 viewers, which is at the top end of the norm for Syfy’s scripted offerings.


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