Danny DeVito and Jeff Goldblum to Team for Amazon Comedy Series

A developing Amazon TV comedy will star Danny DeVito and Jeff Goldblum as a pair of washed-up musicians.

While comedy icon Danny DeVito has fielded some memorable onscreen team-ups in his illustrious career, notably opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1988’s Twins, he will soon find himself attempting some personality-clashing chemistry with another screen great in Jeff Goldblum. Indeed, for this surreal team-up, life, or, specifically, Amazon, finds a way with an upcoming comedy series.

According to Variety, Amazon has cast stars DeVito and Goldblum for an untitled 30-minute episodic comedy series project. The story will center on a purportedly iconic duo of music hitmakers – seemingly cast in a Simon & Garfunkel paradigm – with Matt Downey (Goldblum) and Arlo Finkleman (DeVito). Long after an acrimonious split, followed by a period of mutual hatred, the duo are somehow forced to reconcile. With the help of an inner circle consisting of their wives, ex-wives, mistresses, children, managers and friends, the recalcitrant troubadours have a long and apparently hilarious way to go towards achieving the musical and personal synergy they once brandished to attain global success.

The untitled Amazon comedy project comes from creator and writer Tim Long, a veteran of The Simpsons. The project will arrive as a product of Imagine Television, represented by Jon Radler, with attached executive producer Brian Grazer, joined by producer Francie Calfo. Additionally, star Danny DeVito will be attached as a producer along with his son Jake DeVito.

For DeVito, whose resume is vast, including the legendary 1978-1983 sitcom Taxi, the Amazon project will see him stay the course on the small screen as he continues his regular gig as co-star of the insanely long-running FXX comedy It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which, having started back in 2006, is currently set in stone until at least 2019. For Goldblum, the project represents one of many items on his current comeback agenda. Having recently reprised his classic role in 2016 sequel Independence Day: Resurgence, he’s also set to reprise his iconic franchise role as Dr. Ian Malcolm in the 2018 Jurassic World sequel. However, Goldblum will next be seen in this fall’s Marvel movie Thor: Ragnarok.

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We’ll keep you apprised with this most intriguing onscreen comedic coupling between DeVito and Goldblum as updates arrive.