Crisis on Infinite Earths Villain: Anti-Monitor Revealed

Meet the Anti-Monitor, the main antagonist of Crisis on Infinite Earths!

Crisis on Infinite Earths: 2019 DC TV Arrowverse Crossover

The road to Crisis on Infinite Earthswas paved in last year’s Elseworlds event and the teases continued on the individual shows after that. LaMonica Garrett’s Monitor showed up in each show – ArrowThe Flash, Supergirl,and Legends of Tomorrow – during their season finales, teasing how each series would play a role in the Crisis to come. And while we already met the Monitor last year, his evil doppleganger, the Anti-Monitor hasn’t graced our screens yet. But the Anti-Monitor is indeed set to appear in this year’s major, five-hour crossover event, which will see the entire multiverse face its doom. He will be played by none other than LaMonica Garrett himself.

While the Anti-Monitor himself has yet to appear on screen in the Arrowverse (although we’ve certainly started seeing his effects), he was named just before The Flash, Arrow,Batwoman, and Supergirlall broke for break ahead of the start of Crisis on Infinite Earths.So we know he’s coming.

Check him out, courtesy of EW

Crisis on Infinite Earths: LaMonica Garrett as the Anti-Monitor

Garrett looks perfect as the Anti-Monitor. For comparison, here’s what the Anti-Monitor looks like in the comics:

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First of all, the outfit looks outstanding. The energy piping, the roiling hint of Kirby krackle in the chest piece, and the way it plays off the regular Monitor’s outfit all work really well. But then I noticed the guy by his foot for scale in this piece of concept art, and that’s when this design really clicked for me.

For those of you who don’t know the Anti-Monitor, he was originally born at the dawn of time as a counterpart to the Monitor and allied himself with anti-matter beings, like the Weaponers of Qward, to increase entropy in the universe and eventually destroy it all. He was recreated by the events of Infinite Crisisand went on to serve as the Guardian counterpart for the Sinestro Corps. After the New 52 reboot, he started a war with Darkseid and was eventually defeated by Steve Trevor and Darkseid’s daughter.

However, he is back in the comics now. Post-Dark Nights: Metal,he’s been revealed as one of three brothers – the Monitor, the Anti-Monitor, and the World Forger – who are children of Perpetua, the evil super-celestial who created the multiverse. The Justice League found him and enlisted his aid in the battle against his mother to prevent her from restarting the infinite multiverse again, eliminating all three from existence. This Justice Leaguerun is really extra.

TV Anti-Monitor has been discussed and has started wrecking stuff, but has yet to appear on screen. We don’t know much about his creation yet, just that Nash Wells freed him from a prison under STAR Labs, and as penance for this stupid decision, Wells has been transformed into Pariah and is being forced to witness the destruction of the multiverse, one planet at a time.

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