Creepshow: Joe Hill Talks Coming Full Circle in Exclusive New Clip

Joe Hill discusses what it means to be around for Creepshow's beginning and its streaming present.

Creepshow Joe Hill

“Sometimes life really is like a novel where things come full circle,” acclaimed horror novelist Joe Hill says in an exclusive new clip about Shudder’s Creepshow.

Joe Hill would certainly know about life’s circles more than most. As the young son of Stephen King, he was welcomed on set of 1982’s horror classic Creepshow and eventually found his way onscreen to portray the frame story’s young hero Billy. Now, some 40 years later, Hill is once again involved with Creepshow, this time as a writer.

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Hill wrote what will serve as the final story told in Creepshow‘s finale, “By the Silvery Waters of Lake Champlain.” In the clip below, he discusses his unique personal history with the horror franchise and reveals some of the finer points of lake dinosaurs.

“I was on set for seven days and had the time of my life,” Hill says of his time on the original Creepshow as a child. “There was no on set babysitter. They just put me in the custody of Tom Savini for a week.”

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Now horror legend Tom Savini is a babysitter of a different sort, serving as director for the Creepshow short based on Hill’s story “By the Silvery Waters of Lake Champlain.” The synopsis for “Lake Champlain” reads “Rose finds Champ, the legendary monster of Lake Champlain. But when her unhinged step-father threatens to take all the credit, Rose realizes Champ may actually still be lurking in the lake, waiting to strike.”

Based on the clip, Hill comes across his lake monster knowledge and enthusiasm honestly. Champ is a real figure from New England folklore and is America’s answer to Nessie in Loch Ness. Hill seems to have some pride in pointing out that no fewer than 16 witnesses saw this sea serpent back in the 1920s.

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A lake monster may seem like an odd fit for the gory world of Creepshow but Hill certainly knows what fits Creepshow more than most. After all, he was there for the beginning.

“A good episode of Creepshow needs a good punchline,” he says. “A good horror story almost has the structure of a joke.”

Creepshow‘s sixth and final episode will stream at 9 p.m. ET on October 31 on Shudder.

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