Crashing Canceled at HBO After Three Seasons

HBO has declined to pick up Crashing Season 4, canceling the semi-autobiographical Pete Holmes standup comedy series.

Crashing Canceled HBO

Pete Holmes stand-up comedy series Crashing has…unexpectedly and rapidly decelerated down to Earth.

Variety has confirmed that HBO has canceled Crashing after three seasons. The Crashing Season 3 finale set to air this Sunday will now serve as the show’s series finale. 

Crashing producer Judd Apatow technically made the first announcement on Conan O’Brien’s TBS series Conan saying, “Well, it’s not really canceled. We’re just going to stop making it.” When prompted by O’Brien asking why, Apatow responded, “They told us we should never make any more.” Though in keeping with modern TV cancellation tradition, Apatow said that a a future movie isn’t out of the question.

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Creator, producer, and star Pete Holmes took to Twitter to confirm the news and eulogize the show as well.

Crashing starred Holmes as a semi-fictionalized version of himself. The show loosely followed Holmes’ experience in the New York standup comedy scene and explored the life of a standup comic, and in particular Holmes, himself. Pete Holmes’ character (also named Pete Holmes) was a devout Christian and aspiring youth pastor before a divorce at an incredibly young age inspired him to be a standup comedian.

In Pete Holmes journey through the standup scene, he would come across famous real life comedians such as Artie Lange, Jeff Ross, Hannibal Burress, Amy Schumer, Bill Burr, and more. Lange in particular played a significant role in the show’s first seasons and dramatized his life’s struggle with addiction. 

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HBO won’t be hurting on the TV comedy front without Crashing. The network is also home to recent hits like Silicon Valley, Veep, Barry, and more. But Crashing was generally a welcome addition to the “shows about stand-up comedy” canon and will be missed. 

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Thankfully, Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s U.K. series Crashing lives on for fans of things named “Crashing” and…wait a minute. I’ve received word that that Crashing was actually canceled as well back in 2016. So uh…no good news for anyone then!

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