Counterpart Season 2: Exclusive Look at James Cromwell’s Role

In the upcoming episode of Counterpart season 2, Howard meets with Yanek, played by James Cromwell, in this exclusive preview.

The intrigue in Counterpart season 2 has been heating up right from the start, and with Howard Silk heading to a black site called Echo in the December 23rd episode, “Something Borrowed,” the rules of the game are likely about to change. James Cromwell’s role as Yanek has been anticipated since news of his casting was announced earlier in the year, and we’re pleased to present an exclusive look at his new character, a man that appears to have particular insight into how two selves can be as much at war with each other as the two worlds themselves are.

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For fans of Counterpart, it can be a struggle to decide whether Howard Alpha is an uncorrupted soul that should be allowed his optimism and resilience or a naive pushover whose denial has turned into defensive stubbornness. However, in season two, it has become increasingly clear that Howard Prime is poised to take over his other’s life, a task for which the risk of discovery is a direct threat to Howard Alpha’s life. In the following clip, Yanek has some advice for Howard on this score.

It remains to be seen what Yanek’s motivations are for helping Howard fight back, but it’s unlikely that altruism is involved.  They need Howard to find out what his wife is up to, and the pressure that will no doubt be felt at Echo may push him over the edge. Howard says, “I don’t know if I’m better or worse, but I know I’m not him,” and he’s not wrong. But Yanek is also right: he’s never had to be hardened like his other. If this conversation is indicative of others these two characters will have, we’re in for some real insight in the next few episodes.

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Yanek’s position either with Indigo or the Prime World intelligence organization is still vague here, but Counterpart creator Justin Marks promises more intrigue to come. In an earlier interview with Den of Geek, Marks said, “One of Yanek’s main precepts is this idea that, when confronted with another version of one’s life, both cannot exist simultaneously. One most destroy the other; there’s a vacuum that they will compete for,” he says. “Howard doesn’t necessarily believe that, but I think this is the season where he’s going to have to come to terms with it. And the way that Jamie Cromwell played this character is so brilliant, and there’s so much to this character that I don’t want to reveal that I can’t wait for people to meet him in the beginning of the season.”

Counterpart continues with the third episode of its second season on Sunday, December 23, on Starz at 9/8c. Check out the full audio of our interview with with Counterpart creator Justin Marks on the Sci Fi Fidelity podcast.

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