Could Day One be NBC’s next big sci-fi hit?

Among the new announcements from NBC is a brand new sci-fi show, with echoes of Jericho. Meet Day One…

Just because some of the networks appear to be running scared from the science fiction genre, or at the very least giving their own sci-fi shows curious treatments, it doesn’t mean it’s a blanket rule for all. As such, one of the new shows that NBC has commissioned for the forthcoming Fall season in the US looks really quite intriguing.

Entitled Day One, it’s from executive producer and writer Jesse Alexander (who has Lost, Alias and Heroes on his CV), along with director Alex Graves (who has worked on Journeyman and Fringe). It tells the tale of life on the planet starting the day after a huge global catastrophe, and naturally – as anyone who read our virus outbreak piece will already know – there’s a cross section of survivors who are brought together to work out just what happened. This time, the group all come from one apartment building in California. It smells a little of Jericho to us.

Among the cast is Xander Berkeley, aka George Mason from 24, but otherwise, it’s a collection of thus-far generally unknown faces. And if you want to start getting to know them, then NBC has sent over a behind the scenes clip, that if Internet magic is working today, will appear just underneath these words.

For now, Day One is still a few months away, but it’s certainly on our radar…

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