Continuum: Second Time (Season Finale) Review

Continuum is almost over. What questions will be answered? Which ones won't? What kitschy titles will appear in season three?

Time travel shows/movies are always complicated. The second season of Continuum has proven to be a bit of a challenge. Is it darker? Yes. Is it more complex? Yes, but almost to a fault. Season one was fairly easy to follow from the beginning. Season two, not so much. Waxy looking Gardner was thrown in (and, when he was murdered, no one really seemed to notice for weeks, which I find amusing), along with Mr. Escher, whose role in all of this is still unknown. We do know that Alec’s girlfriend Emily was working for him to get into the lab,and now…well, she’s dead too.

So, Kiera was supposed to be kept away from the Liber8 execution in 2077, but she wasn’t. She was chosen by elderly Sadler to go back in time to change the future. The Freelancers intend to expose Sadler, but…ok, in 2013 they steal the other time travelers’ bodies to do…what exactly? I’m already confused. More than usual.Secretary Betty gets sucked in even further, ordered to tap into Carlos’s conversation with Kiera. Kellogg gets confronted about the meeting, but saves his ass by telling Liber8 that Garza was taken by Escher, who wants to travel back in time to eliminate Liber8 in the bud. “One of a million possible scenarios,” Kellogg claims, and he’s right. This could go anywhere.And (insert heavy Darth Vader breathing here), ESCHER IS ALEC’S FATHER. Well, at least it’s not the homeless guy, Jason. Or is it? Are they the same? I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S REAL ANYMORE.Ahem…When Kiera gets arrested, Alec says, “I will always blame you…always…” with a wink. He’s still willing to help her, and even, maybe, get her back home. And Carlos confronts Betty about being a Liber8 mole. FINALLY. Is justice going to be served in the final episode? I was more concerned about Kiera and Carlos hooking up, but…that’s me.However, Carlos is willing to throw his career away for Kiera, as he demonstrates, very intensely. Maybe hooking up isn’t as important as being lifelong friends. She becomes public enemy number one, with Carlos’s job on the line. Kiera offers a trade: Alec for the time travel device. Escher can be eliminated along the way as a bonus.The CMR showdown between Kiera and Travis gets pretty violent and crazy. It’s an all out war between advanced weaponries! And Kiera wins, killing Travis by zapping his own CMR. Afterwards, Kellogg says he wants to go back with Kiera to 2077.Wait…whaaa? Wasn’t he interested in staying in 2013 to play on the financial benefits? Then again, this is Kellogg…aka two faced Janus. He plays to his own interests. ‘Nuff said. And yet, Alec betrays Kiera by bringing her in to turn in the device. In the end, Kiera ends up caged, with Kellogg and Jason nearby…and Carlos takes Betty to meet Julian? While Kiera is imprisoned with Garza next to her? Say whaaaaaat?Final review: Well, this season was definitely up and down. Certain questions were answered, certain questions weren’t. All I know right now is that yes, the show has been picked up for a third season in 2014. How many “third” jokes will there be in the titles? We’ll see. I’m definitely hooked, but disoriented as well. I’ve written reviews for three Syfy season finales now, and none of them have been as spectacular as I had hoped for, but Continuum does leave you hanging and ready for more.

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3 out of 5