Coldplay’s Game of Thrones: The Musical (with the actual cast!) Now Online

Watch Game of Thrones cast members Peter Dinklage, Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington and more sing in the Coldplay show.

Winter may still be forthcoming, but the Seven Hells surely have already frozen over since we have gotten our first look at Coldplay’s apparent Game of Thrones: The Musical and…it’s not half bad.

Actually, it’s hilarious. As one of the top highlights from NBC’s first live charity and comedy event, Red Nose Day, the below video of Chris Martin’s supposed Game of Thrones musical is one of the most buzzed about viral videos, not least of which because it got most of the series cast together for a good cause and some passable (note: passable) vocals. If you ever wanted to hear Emilia Clarke sing about being a Rastafarian Targaryen, your wish is about to be granted. And if you ever thought that Jaime Lannister needed a piano ballad to reconcile his role as uncle and father to Joffrey “Baratheon,” that too is here.

It even acts as an unintentional bit of PR spin control after the firestorm reaction to last Sunday’s episode. It reminds viewers of their favorite moments, be it the Red Wedding or Joffrey’s demise, while also giving actor Iwan Rheon some much needed publicity for not being his character (as Ramsay Bolton probably just surpassed Joffrey as the most hated Game of Thrones character ever).

For my money though, the best bit is Kit Harington’s Jon Snow singing to Rose Leslie/Ygritte an amusing reworking of “Wild Thing.”

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Click here if you still wish to donate to the Red Nose Day charities, which includes helping those in need from the UK to Africa. And as you’ve probably heard, Game of Thrones also has a new episode on Sunday. Brace yourself.

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