Channel Zero Season 2 Release Date, First Trailer, Story Details, & More

Channel Zero: No End House is coming in September 2017. Here's everything you need to know about the second season...

Channel Zero: No End House is the second season of Syfy’s nascent horror anthology series, following up 2016’s inaugural season Channel Zero: Candle Cove. This time, the horror takes place in a mysterious house that terrifyingly touts six rooms, which escalates the horror further for any guests willing to brave its halls. 

The six-episode second Channel Zero anthology outing arrives on Syfy on September 20, just in time for the horror-craving Halloween season. You can rest assured that it will be followed up, since Syfy already gave the series a double renewal for Season 3 and Season 4.

Channel Zero Season 2 Trailer

“It’s six rooms. Each one is scarier than the last. Most people don’t even get to the sixth room. And people who do are never seen again,” promised last February’s teaser for Channel Zero: No-End House. However, six months later, the full trailer for the Syfy horror anthology’s sophomore season has arrived, proving that its ominous tagline doesn’t even come close to conveying the delightfully demented imagery that the series is looking to showcase. 

Of course, while the final verdict won’t arrive until we actually see the series, the Channel Zero: No-End House trailer, for what it’s worth, is rife with horror that’s just as head-scratching as it is heart-pounding; a montage of madness mixing haunted house tropes with random (arguably metaphorical,) elements that almost feels like you’re watching David Lynch’s non-existent adaptation of The Shining.

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Cliffs Notes: It’s weird. Damn weird.

You can also watch the previous teaser below:

Channel Zero Season 2 Release Date

Channel Zero: No-End House will premiere on Syfy on September 20, 2017. It was originally slated for October.

Channel Zero Season 2 Story

Channel Zero: No-End House, as it’s officially titled, is based on a creepypasta written by Brian Russell. The season is about a woman who visits the No-End House, a house of horrors with a series of disturbing rooms. While the No-End House is bizarre, it’s nothing compared to how it changes her reality after she leaves the house.

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Channel Zero Season 2 Cast

Aisha Dee (Sweet/Vicious, Chasing Life) will reportedly co-star as Jules, the best friend of main character Margot. Described as having a type-A personality, Jules is loyal, though seemingly unable to emotionally cope with escalating chaos in which the group will be thrust.

Amy Forsyth (The Path, Defiance) will play this chapter’s protagonist named Margot Sleator. After apparently surviving her visit to the titular No-End House, she arrives home to find that everything has mysteriously changed. 

John Carroll Lynch (American Horror Story, The Drew Carey Show) will play a character named John Sleator.

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Nick Antosca again serves as showrunner and executive producer alongside executive producer Max Landis. Up-and-coming director Steven Piet (Uncle John) directed all six episodes.

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