CBBC’s Wolfblood series 4 synopsis & casting news

Leona Vaughan's Jana will be centre-stage in Wolfblood series 4 as the series moves from Stoneybridge to the city...

Update: Here’s a link to Wolfblood creator Debbie Moon’s blog on series 4 casting and more.

The supermoon couldn’t have come at a more apt time. CBBC’s superb Wolfblood (here are our love letters to series one, two, and three if you needed catching up) is currently filming its fourth series in Newcastle and Gateshead.

It’s all-change for the new series, according to the latest press bumf, which tells us that Wolfblood will be moving out of rural Stoneybridge and to the city.

There’s been a shake-up in personnel too, as formerly wild Wolfblood Jana (Leona Vaughan) takes centre stage and forms an urban pack comprising a new gang. New Wolfblood characters include corporate boss Imara (Michelle Gayle), her son TJ (Louis Payne), Matei (Jack Brett Anderson), Emilia (Sydney Wade) and “martial arts enthusiast” Selina (Rukku Nahar).

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Returning cast members alongside Vaughan include Gabrielle Green’s Katrina, running a new Kaff, with Shorelle Hepkin’s Kay, and Mark Fleischmann as everybody’s favourite teacher, Mr Jeffries, who’s evidently left his Bradlington High career behind him.

There’s no mention in the press release of previous leads Bobby Lockwood, Kedar Williams-Stirling or Louisa Connolly-Burnham, whose characters (Rhydian, Tom and Shannon) appeared to reach a natural conclusion at the end of their third series. Whether or not the actors will be making cameo appearances in this coming series we don’t know, but if there’s any justice in the world, that talented trio will be all over our TVs in the coming years. 

Here’s the official synopsis:

“In a world of CCTV, social networks, 4G camera phones and viral videos, the wolfblood ‘secret’ is becoming increasingly vulnerable; faced with new dilemmas and foes, wolfbloods have to adapt to survive and Jana faces her biggest challenges yet.”

Twelve new episodes are being made, four written by creator Debbie Moon, and two apiece by Sophie Petzal, Neil Jones, Furquan Akhtar and Matt Sinclair. Jermain Julien, for one, is back in the directing chair.

Wolfblood series four is due to air on CBBC and elsewhere in 2016.

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