Cancelled and ended shows heading for the movies

This morning, we’ve learned that Veronica Mars may be getting a big screen reprieve. And she’s not alone, either…

Arrested Development

Ever since Joss Whedon managed to overcome the disappointment of the cancelled Firefly by turning it into the feature film Serenity, the canning of a TV show is no longer necessarily seen as the end. And, if the people involved are willing, there’s always the small matter of a movie outing to get a show reignited…Veronica MarsAs we’ve reported already this morning, the adventures of Veronica Mars may not be over yet, with series creator Rob Thomas now getting down to the serious business of writing a script for a full-on film. We quite fancy its chances, too, providing Thomas can get someone to pay the bill for it.

Babylon 5According to the site Skewed & Reviewed, J Michael Stracyznski is interesting in making a fresh Babylon 5 movie, in feature film form. This is after a series of TV movie follow-ups, but now the feeling is that it has to be a big screen adventure, or not at all. Warner Bros is believed to have been in touch with Stracynzski to discuss the project, but no more than that is known right now. Here’s the link to the Skewed & Reviewed story.

Pushing DaisesMany of the writers at Den Of Geek share a deep disappointment that the axe swung on Pushing Daisies even before series two had finished its run, and inevitably, there’s talk of a film to tie up the loose ends. You wonder if this is more wishful thinking than anything else right now, although if Bryan Fuller were to pen a script that tied up some of the strands of his characters, there would be an in-built audience ready to give it a go. We fear this is one project that may not make it, though.

Arrested DevelopmentThe comedy that was, astoundingly, canned after just three outstanding series, is potentially heading for a big screen revival. Chatter about the project has been constant for the past year or so, even if it doesn’t seem to be getting closer to production right now. Most of the cast are believed to be interested, although Michael Cera, in an interview at MTV, noted that the film is “more hypothetical than people think”. At the moment, no screenplay is in place,  but there sure are a lot of people who would love to see the movie if it ever got made…

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JerichoWe reported just the other week that the two seasons of Jericho, replete with all the loose ends left behind, may yet be extended by the power of the big screen. The planned feature wouldn’t require you to have watched the show beforehand – seemingly a major requirement if you want a greenlight, given that Serenity’s box office returns, for all its acclaim, slightly underwhelmed – and thus far we know that it’s being developed, but little more. Here’s hoping…

FireflyFor all the talk of Serenity, though, there is the small matter that it made quite a lot of money on DVD, and as such, a further big screen spin-off from Firefly isn’t necessaily a no-go. Joss Whedon has been quiet on the project for a while, though, and is currently up to his neck in Dollhouse, but a Serenity 2 – while unlikely – is still an outside shot.

Sex And The CitySo successful was the first big screen outing for the Sex And The City team that the inevitable sequel is heading through the mincing machine in Hollywood. We only mention it here because we wonder if they can squeeze any film around all the product placement this time round.

Dead Like MeActually, this is a bit of a cheat, as Dead Like Me’s movie is heading to television rather than the cinema screen. But given that the show was curtailed after two seasons, seemingly forever, it’s some achievement that we’re getting anything at all. It’ll be picking up the story four years later, and is called Dead Like Me: Life After Death. See what they did there?

The X-FilesBelieve some of the theories going round, and 20th Century Fox wasn’t put off by the disappointing box office returns for last summer’s I Want To Believe. That said, we suspect it didn’t cost too much to make, and there’s believed to be some interest in making a third big screen X-Files adventure if everybody involved still wants to do it. We still wouldn’t be surprised if it went down the direct-to-DVD Stargate movie route, that has served that franchise so well.

And while we’re at it, can we have a movie based on any of these…?

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DeadwoodA show that left a lot of loose ends to clear up, a movie would, at best, tie some up, and reignite interest in a further full series of a show that remains one of the very best in recent times on US TV.

Freaks & GeeksHow about this? With Seth Rogen now having real clout, and Judd Apatow not short of a bit either, can they persuade the powers that be to pick up where all the people from Freaks & Geeks are ten years later? Anything to get Martin Starr a bigger comedy role than the cameos and small parts he’s turning up in.Aaron Sorkin ProjectsTwo spring to mind here. The further adventures of Sports Night for starters, and then the small matter of Studio 60 On Sunset Strip. Can we have more of those, please?

My So-Called Life Again, the angle here would have to be catching up with characters many years later, but the mere hope of heading backing into the world of My So-Called Life is one that should be cherished, surely?


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21 January 2009