Bye Bye Battlestar

Four seasons, twelve Cylons, and only three bad episodes (so far), Battlestar Galactica's only got one more lap around the block

Battlestar Galactica cast

Yes, Battlestar Galactica will officially finish at the end of Series Four. This is definitely a good thing – with an end goal in sight then the programme doesn’t have a chance to become Lost, in either sense of the word. Plus we have new series Caprica to look forward to, as well as the straight-to-DVD movie out later this year.

It is sad to see the programme go. Its sheer awesomeness has been recently overshadowed by season three’s talk-heavy middle and unspectacular end but there’s still one season left to scratch our chins and wonder what else is going to happen. Fingers at the ready:Starbuck isn’t the twelfth model, she’s replaced the boxed Number Three. We still have one Cylon to guess by the end. Smart money’s on Bob Dylan…

* If the Cylons have been amongst the humans all along (as must have happened for Colonel Tigh to be a Cylon), then they’ve obviously had Their Shit together for a long time, and every human on Earth is a Cylon. Or at least one of those new-fangled final five sort-of Cylons.

* We’ve had most combos of Cylon/human lovin’, but we still need some Cylon/final five action. Plus it could mean they could finally let Cylon Simon have something to do, probably with Tory. That’s a nice match.

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* The series refocuses with a green slant, and the Battlestar crew have to save a whale. Guest stars Al Gore as a manatee.

* My own hope – the writers have the full-on balls to make something of the series’ religious bent and not allow it become the astrology nonsense it is at the moment, and show that the Cylons were made by God. Or, okay, not the Cylons, but all the last five models. Because that explains why Starbuck has been to Earth, and all the prophesies. Plus it would be great to see religion used as an all-out point to a programme, and not just vaguely mystical ‘stuff’ that covers over the cracks in the plot.

* Or, on a related note, the Hybrid is God. That would be way awesome. God is kind of autistic! You would need that kind of focus and attention to detail to create the universe. It just all makes sense.

* Jammer wakes up in the shower having just got off New Caprica. Most of season three was a dream.

Most importantly, the Cylons don’t get any kind of get-out-of-jail free card, a sort of ‘let’s forget you wiped out billions of people because one or two of you now have kids’ kind of thing. I know forgiveness is a strong trait in the show, but they wiped out humanity! I want to see one more on-screen genocide, and that’s the end of that.

(If you’re wondering what the three bad episodes were: The Hand of God, Black Market and The Woman King.)

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