Brock Lesnar Will Remain with WWE after WrestleMania 31

It looks like Brock Lesnar will stick with the WWE for the time being. What does this mean for the future of the company?

Brock Lesnar appeared on ESPN’s Sportscenter Tuesday evening and announced he is done pursuing a career in mixed martial arts, and had re-signed a multi-year deal with WWE last night at Raw in Los Angeles. Lesnar, who is scheduled to defend the WWE World Heavyweight Title on Sunday at WrestleMania XXXI, was said to have his contract expire at the end of this month.

What it means for Sunday’s title match with Roman Reigns remains to be seen. Had Lesnar’s deal expired, and he was leaving the company, it’s almost sure that Reigns would have won the title at WrestleMania. With with the reaction to Reigns’ push not going nearly as well as WWE would have liked, and Lesnar now sticking around the company, it’s not only feasible, but it might be likely that Lesnar retains the belt on Sunday.

According to Lesnar, he re-signed a new contract at Raw last night in Los Angeles.

“We came to a conclusion last night,” Lesnar said. “The offer was something I couldn’t refuse.”

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It was reported that Lesnar was also mulling a return to the UFC, where he captured the UFC Heavyweight Championship. He lost that title in 2010 to Cain Velasquez, and last fought in the UFC in December of the following year, when Alistair Overeem defeated him via TKO in the first round.

“Was my heart and my head really into (MMA)?” Lesnar said during the interview. “At the end of the day, I’m happy. I’m really happy where I’m at with WWE. This wasn’t an overnight decision. At the end of the day, last night, Old Vince McMahon put the offer on the table I couldn’t refuse.”

Lesnar later added: “I work a part-time schedule with full-time pay.”

Lesnar returned to WWE in 2012 after an eight-year hiatus from the company. He left following WrestleMania 20.

“The miles weren’t good for me,” he said. “Me and the highway did not get along.”

What’s unknown is whether or not there are new wrinkles to Lesnar’s new deal. He admits he’s working a part-time schedule, but it’s not known if that new contract includes more dates than his previous contract.

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Just two weeks ago, it was reported that Lesnar walked out before a scheduled segment was supposed to go on the air after a contract disagreement with McMahon. That Saturday, he attended Ronda Rousey’s UFC Title defense, fueling more speculation that he was close to re-signing with the UFC.