Brian Henson on What’s Holding up the Return of Farscape

Exclusive: Farscape fans shouldn't give up hope of the show's return, but there might still be a long wait...

Brian Henson was one of the driving forces behind the much-loved TV show Farscape, that finally came to a close in 2004 with the Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars miniseries.

Since the show left our screens, Henson has been busy working on television projects, as well as his adult puppet improv theatre show, Puppet Up!. And for the last year or two, he’s been hard at work on his new feature film, The Happytime Murders.

But the question of a Farscape return keeps popping back up, and it seems that there’s nobody keener to crack how to do it than Henson himself. In an interview with Den of Geek UK ahead of the release of his new movie, he told me that “I’ve been trying really hard with Farscape. And I’m going to keep trying. It’s just not quite right still.”

What, then, is the hold up, and can the fanbase do anything to grease the metaphorical wheels? Bottom line: no they can’t. “It’s one of those instances where it’s us, the creators, who need to keep working on it. And feeling no: that didn’t work that time. No, it’s still not quite working. It’s really down to us.”

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Henson is also working on a future Labyrinth-related project, but that’s very much in its infancy. There’s no sign of either pushing forward in the immediate future, it seems.

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