Bored To Death Movie Is Unlikely, But Could Be Rebooted As A Book

Could we meet our favorite unlicensed private detective again in novel form? We have an update on the Bored to Death movie.

For some time, there was optimism abound that we’d see a Bored to Death feature film. Last year when stars Jason Schwartzman, Zach Galifianakis, and Ted Danson and creator Jonathan Ames got together for a panel at Vulture Fest, they talked about the drafts of the movie with Ames noting that a lot of time has passed, but “we still talk about it, we have some ideas.”

In Bored to Death, Jason Schwartzman’s Jonathan is inspired to become an amatuer private investigator after from Raymond Chandler detective novels. The idea for the series was based on a short story from Ames. It may come full circle as Ames told Den of Geek  in a recent interview that while a feature film may be unlikely at this point, the show could be reincarnated in book form.

“There was talk for years of a Bored to Death movie, which I think is looking like it won’t happen,” Ames said. “Too much time has passed. But I had thought of rebooting it perhaps as a book because Bored to Death was originally based on a short story I wrote. So I’ve been toying with that idea, and I shouldn’t talk about it too much ’cause then I won’t do it. You know, when you talk about something, it’s like, you don’t do it.”

Bored to Death ran for three seasons on HBO from 2009 through 2011. Known mostly as a novelist at the time the series was picked up, Ames was thrown into showrunning for the first time.

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“Getting Bored to Death was like winning the lottery. It was like, “Holy shit!” It’s like starving, struggling, jobless, got a TV show,” he said. “You know, I did a lot of work to get to that moment, and then I have to work on the fly ’cause I just had never been a showrunner before, and the learning curve was huge, but exciting, and a lot of stress of course. And then I made all these wonderful friends. And then that got canceled, and then it’s like, ‘Oh, shoot, I have all this knowledge now on how to do things.’ And you don’t know if you’re going to get another shot, you know? Not everyone’s Norman Lear.”

Ames got a second shot at television when Starz picked up Blunt Talk, starring Patrick Stewart. It ran for two seasons and ended in 2016. Ames latest novel, “You Were Never Really Here,” was adapted into a feature film starring Joaquin Phoenix and is now in theaters.