Bill Clinton Impeachment TV Series Cancelled by History

The Breach was to be a dramatized account of Bill Clinton's impeachment and how it changed our country forever.

The story of Bill Clinton’s impeachment was put into the works last September, set to become a six-part scripted drama series on History. According to an initial report by Deadline, the cable channel greenlit an adaptation of Peter Baker’s bestselling book The Breach: Inside The Impeachment of Bill Clinton. However, seven months after the fact, it appears that History will not move forward with the adaptation.

The series was to be headed by R.J. Cutler, who has previously directed If I Stay, as well as The War Room, an Oscar-nominated documentary about President Clinton’s 1992 campaign for the White House. Cutler will write the series, alongside David K. Israel, as well as direct and executive produce. While everything appeared to be falling in place for the series, History’s cancellation of the project, according to Deadline, is being cited as a creative decision; a move that’s being mirrored by Ryan Murphy in the recent abandonment of his own Clinton impeachment-themed season of American Crime Story.

The series was in the process of being cast. Here’s a description (from back in September,) of the project from History’s Eli Lehrer:

Featuring an array of well-known modern political figures, The Breach will bring audiences behind the scenes of an event that changed Washington forever – the first impeachment of an elected president in American history. This drama builds upon our core scripted programming slate of compelling, contemporary storytelling that embraces our recent history and we are confident R.J. will bring a unique vision to President Clinton’s gripping story.

“This is a story I have been wanting to tell for a long time,” Cutler said of the project, adding:

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It’s the origin tale of how our Government was broken and has never really healed, of the entrenched divide between the red and blue sates. It’s the origin story of Hillary as political figure and the origin story of cyber bullying. It’s also a thrilling tale of personal and professional ambition, of enormous hubris in the name of acquiring power, and of personal foibles, all of which nearly brought down a presidency.

The Breach was previously announced as part of an anthology series called The Commanders that would dramatize pivotal moments in the U.S. presidency. The Breach will no longer be the first installment in that series, but there were plans to follow it with another limited series about other presidents. However, that may no longer be the case, given this one’s cancellation.

This story was originally published on September 14, 2017 and updated with new information.