Better Call Saul Season 4 Will Get Closer To Overlapping Breaking Bad

Vince Gilligan and staff give some hints at what’s to come in the upcoming season of Better Call Saul and when we’ll see it.

While many were initially skeptical about following up Breaking Bad’s strong finish with a spinoff, Better Call Saul has turned out to be an impressive show in its own right. It just happens to be a prequel to Breaking Bad rather than something that feels like an extension of the now iconic series. The show’s third season pushed Jimmy closer to becoming Saul Goodman, and it ends on a particularly dark note. During a panel at AMC’s Summit event in New York, series co-creator Vince Gilligan says that what they have in store this year knocks it all out of the park. 

Gilligan and company are obviously quite guarded about what’s going to go down in Better Call Saul season 4, but one thing that they did address was that in spite of Chuck McGill being dead, that both Michael McKean and Chuck would be back in some capacity this season. This will likely apply to flashback scenes, but executive producer Melissa Bernstein spoke about how Chuck’s presence will haunt Jimmy and the season itself. The way that Jimmy deals with his grief as well as how Kim tries to support Jimmy during that grief will definitely come into focus.

Better Call Saul has gotten progressively darker since it started, but Gilligan also said that this year goes even further and that tonally it brings the series a lot closer to Breaking Bad, but that the show’s humor is also not going anywhere. It seems like as Mike and Nacho get further entrenched with Gus and Hector’s drug enterprises, the material is going to get a lot more ruthless. There will of course be another return to Saul/Jimmy’s future persona, Gene, but it’s unclear if it will once more just be a cold open to kick off the season or gain a larger presence. It does seem like the plan is still to tell Jimmy’s story post-Breaking Bad because the end of Walt’s story is not the end of his.

One big reveal that Gilligan and Bernstein did reveal is that the long-awaited “Lalo” will finally appear this season! Obsessive viewers may remember that Saul mentions a Lalo the very first time that he appears in Breaking Bad. Ever since Better Call Saul got announced, fans have been anxious to see when Lalo will finally appear. This appearance should also not disappoint because Gilligan candidly added that by the end of the season everyone will be saying, “Fuck yeah, Lalo!”

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Other than that, Gilligan was tight-lipped about what to expect, but he did drop that he’ll only be directing one episode this season and emphasized how Peter Gould is the one running the show. This is still the same amount of episodes that Gilligan directed in the first and second seasons though so it’s certainly no reason for alarm. He’s always been involved to this degree, it’s just that Gould is helping steer things more. Fans will get to learn exactly what happens when the show returns on August 6th, but until then you can just keep watching Breaking Bad in reverse to try and gain clues.

Better Call Saul’s fourth season returns August 6th on AMC.