Better Call Saul Season 4: Kim Hits the Books In New Clip (Exclusive)

Kim yearns for a different kind of law career in a new clip from Better Call Saul Season 4 Episode 6, “Piñata.”

Some of Better Call Saul‘s most revelatory moments come from the most quiet and unassuming places. 

Sure, there is the occasional cartel gunfight in which Nacho and the Salamanca twins lay waste to an entire drug operation – or Mike Ehrmantraut’s clockwork espionage missions. But when it comes to Jimmy, Kim, and their world of law firms and deals, subtlety often rules the day.

For am example, check out this clip of Kim at work from next weeks Better Call Saul episode, “Piñata.”

It’s clear that this season for Kim has been all about weighing the price of her soul vs. the price of…everything else. Kim has been working for mega New Mexico bank Mesa Verde for over a year now, securing them permits, resolving legal issues, and impressing all the higher-ups. That appears to be what she’s doing in the clip as she pores over some incredibly boring legal textbooks. 

“With the respect to the zoning committee we maintain that Mesa Verde should be exempt to size code restrictions. On size and code restrictions because it is a work of art. Specifically its function extends beyond furthering the company’s interests,” she says into her recorder. 

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While she’s dictating to herself, however, something else on the table catches her eye – the case file of a young, possibly juvenile defender, who almost certainly cannot pay for adequate legal representaiton. As we saw last week, Kim pursued justice for the disadvantaged and in the process jeopardized her professional relationship with Mesa Verde. Mesa Verde is the kind of client that you never turn down a phone call from.

Still, Kim is drawn to a harder, nobler line of work. Helping these kids feels good, but it doesn’t pay. That’s the kind of moral dilemma many of us sometimes find ourselves in, and it’s certainly one that Jimmy will spend the rest of his life feeling the effects of. Maybe it’s a dilemma that will sink Kim this season.

Better Call Saul Season 4, Episode 6, “Piñata” airs this Monday, September 10 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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