Better Call Saul Fans Can Soon Order Los Pollos Hermanos from Postmates

AMC is making a fun bit from the Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul universe real once again by partnering with Postmates.

Better Call Saul can generate a lot of different emotions and sensations with its viewers. When watching the events of Better Call Saul Season 4 one can experience revulsion at Jimmy’s reaction to his brother’s death, fascination with Mike Ehrmantraut’s brilliant problem-solving mind, or just sheer sadness for what Kim has gone through and fear for what horrors still lay in store for her.

One of the most underrated sensations that Better Call Saul can elicit, however, is hunger. Yes, Gus Fring is a murderous sociopath who would kill anyone in his pursuit of power…but damn it all if he doesn’t make a great looking fried chicken at Los Pollos Hermanos.

Now AMC and delivery service app Postmates are teaming up so Better Call Saul viewers can once again experience the real thing. 

On August 20, 21, and 22, Better Call Saul fans (or just hungry fried chicken enthusiasts) in New York and Los Angeles can order fried chicke and curly fries from Gus Fring’s (Giancarlo Esposito) family fast food restaurant Los Pollos Hermanos. Deliveries will be available at 12 p.m. local time each day and will last as long as the chicken does. And don’t get cute and ask for meth in Postmates special instructions section. I’m sure they’re never heard that joke before. 

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AMC, bless them, clearly realizes that the best part of being the network behind Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul isn’t the accolades, Emmy awards, or cultural cache but rather all the delicious fried chicken they now get to make. Last April, AMC commissioned Los Pollos Hermanos pop up restaurants in Austin for SXSW and New York. Sadly, fried chicken was not available then (one would have to imagine that it’s a logistical nightmare for a cable network to get licensure to handle raw fowl for a one-day publicity stunt). Thankfully it is this time around.

Better Call Saul Season 4 is currently underway and airs on Monday nights. Los Pollos Hermanos hasn’t turned up yet this season but keep faith, Mike, Jimmy, Gus and the rest do have to eat.

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