Batman vs Two-Face Could Have Featured Poison Ivy

The Batman vs. Two-Face animated movie nearly invited Poison Ivy to the special guest batvillain party.

Photo: Warner Bros. Animation

Warner Bros. has been fulfilling longtime Batman fan dreams for the last year. After first reuniting Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar for Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, they immediately revealed the news that they’d be bringing one of the greatest Batman villains to never appear on the original TV series to the screen, with this year’s Batman vs. Two-Face. Not only that, they got the legendary William Shatner to voice the dual role of Harvey Dent and Two-Face.

There are a handful of iconic Batman villains of the era who never joined the ranks of Joker, Riddler, Catwoman, Penguin, or Mr. Freeze on TV. Scarecrow, Two-Face, and Poison Ivy were all around during the era of the Batman TV series, but never made the jump to live action as “special guest batvillains.” And while we’ve had our own fevered dreams about which great actors could have played some of our favorite Bat Rogues, the creative team behind these new Batman ’66 animated movies had some rules to follow when it came to choosing which villains to include.

“I only wanted to do characters who existed in 1966,” Batman vs. Two-Face producer and writer James Tucker told us at New York Comic-Con, “I wouldn’t be interested in doing Bane or, well, I was going to say Harley Quinn, but there is a little nod to her in the movie. But, there were plans, in one of the drafts of this script, we had Poison Ivy involved, and it was actually going to be more of a Two-Face/Poison Ivy team up.”

So why didn’t it happen? “But then we realized, we had William Shatner,” Tucker said. “You don’t really need another character. The story was getting more complicated, and it just was getting bogged down, so we put her aside and I think it was a stronger story because of it. We went through one draft with her in it.”

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Not only did the Batman vs. Two-Face team pick an era-appropriate villain, they picked someone who could have turned up as a special guest batvillain of the era, with William Shatner. So which screen star of the ’60s would they have chosen for Poison Ivy?

“We hadn’t really reached out to people,” Tucker admits. “We were considering Barbara Eden, maybe, or Ann Margaret. We wanted people who would’ve been cast in the ’60s. Barbara Eden probably more so than Ann Margaret because Ann Margaret was a huge movie star. Raquel Welch, maybe? You know what I mean. That was where we were going. But again, we hadn’t gotten that far because we were only in the script stage and it didn’t go beyond that. But it would’ve been cool.”

Yes it would have been. We’ll have more on Batman vs. Two-Face this week!

Batman vs. Two-Face is now available on digital and Blu-ray and DVD

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