Baskets Season 4 Will Be the Show’s Last

FX has announced that the upcoming Baskets season 4 finale on August 22 will serve as the Baskets series finale.

Baskets Season 4 Finale

Nothing gold can stay. Not even weird little elegiac shows about a clown and his family doing their best in Bakersfield, California.

FX announced today that the currently airing Baskets season 4 will be the final season for the Zach Galifianakis comedy. The upcoming season 4 finale, airing on August 22, will serve as the show’s series finale. Fittingly, the logline for the now-series finale, “Moving On,” reads “Martha removes her cast.” The final episode is written and directed by series producer Jonathan Krisel (who is directing the upcoming Sesame Street movie).

“Over four seasons, Baskets has taken its place among the great FX comedies as an endearing and hilarious look at the dreams and ambition of ‘Chip Baskets’ and his extended, loving family,” Eric Schrier, President, FX Entertainment, said in a statement. “This show has been a joy for everyone at FX and we are grateful to Jonathan Krisel, Zach Galifianakis, Louie Anderson, Martha Kelly and the rest of the cast and crew for giving us the gem that is Baskets.”

Given the series finale’s name and description, it seems likely that ending Baskets on this season was the plan all along. The fact that they’re only announcing it now shows some Robert Kirkman Walking Dead-esque restraint.

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Baskets premiered on FX in January of 2016. It was created by Galifianakis, Krisel, and Louis C.K. C.K.’s name would be later dropped as a producer. Krisel serves as showrunner. Baskets began by telling the story of the titular Chip Baskets, a failed professional clown in Paris who has to return home to Bakersfield, California to be a rodeo clown. As time went on, Baskets came to broaden its focus to the rest of the Baskets family, including Chip’s hotheaded twin brother Dale and their frequent Costco shopper mother Christine (Louie Anderson). Anderson won the 2016 Emmy award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. It’s a performance that demands your attention.

Baskets‘ final season continues on August 1 with an episode titled “Housewarming.”

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