Arrow: 13 Questions We Have After Watching the Midseason Trailer

We have so many questions about Arrow's midseason return.

Arrow is back this week, presumably to confirm that Felicity Smoak has in fact not been killed off the superhero show. But before we learn just how our favorite (and, perhaps, the only remaining) Star City residents are doing in the wake of Damien Darhk’s shooting of Oliver’s limo, we get this midseason sizzle trailer to obsess about.

The people over at The CW marketing department sure know how to put together an Arrowtrailer. These two minutes give us plenty to wonder about as we head into the second half of season 4. Here are 13 questions we have heading into Wednesday’s midseason premiere…

Is Oliver about to fall off of the Reformed Vigilante bandwagon?

“I don’t know what the point of what I’m doing is if I can’t protect the people closest to me.” Guys, Oliver is having another identity crisis. Must be a Thursday. It was nice while the Not-Identity-Crisis Phase of his life lasted, but Arrowkind of thrives on Oliver being confused about morality and, more generally, how to be a human being. 

Will the fact that Felicity is presumably fighting for her life when the midseason premiere picks up cause Oliver to relapse into Vigilante Mode? Perhaps. Later in the trailer, we see Diggle tell Oliver: “I know you want payback for what Darhk did to Felicity, but don’t lose what made her fall in love with you in the first place.” Wise words, Dig.

What happened to Thea this time?

This girl has more accidents than a toddler on roller skates. As you can see in the opening moments of the trailer, Thea is lying in a hospital bed, with Oliver begging her not to leave him. Did Darhk go after Thea as well as Felicity in his bid to punish Oliver for not only refusing to fall into line, but actively pursuing him in Star City media?

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Or could this be a dream/nightmare Oliver is having, part of the emotional freak out he will no doubt have in the wake of Felicity’s shooting? We see Thea in full Arsenal mode later in the trailer, which suggests that she will be an active part of the team for at least part of the new string of episodes. 

Another theory is that this scene is part of the flash forwards to The Grave. Oliver is wearing a suit as he sits in Thea’s hospital room, suggesting that he either just came from or is going to The Grave. Could Thea have been hurt in the future attack that kills one of Oliver’s loved ones?

Will Felicity be OK?

Serving as the sporadic voice of reason within the Arrowuniverse (seriously, Laurel either gives the best advice or the worst advice — there is no middle ground), Laurel tells Oliver: “The only person responsible for what happened to Felicity is Damien Darhk.”

But what exactly happened to Felicity. We see her being brought into the emergency room, a still-in-shock Oliver watching as the doctors and nurses work, but we don’t get many clues in the rest of the trailer as to the outcome of Felicity’s gunshot wound. We know she survives. (Emily Bett Rickards continues to have a job on the Arrow set, so — unless she’s playing Felicity’s Earth-2 doppelganger — suggests Felicity survives.)

Seriously, there’s no way Felicity dies. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t repercussions from

Are we getting more Bamford-style direction?

James “Bam Bam” Bamford revitalized the Arrowaction sequence in his directorial debut: “Brotherhood,” the seventh episode of the fourth season. As the stunt coordinator for the show, Bamford has a unique understanding of the fight choreography and was, therefore, able to shoot the action sequences in handheld long-shots that more fully immersed viewers in the chaotic world of Arrow.

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Now, my eyes may be decieving me, but it seems like the action sequences starting at :23 in the trailer have a similar, almost first-person shooter video game style. Personally, I am all for this.

Why does Oliver kidnap Anarky?

The trailer heavily implies that Oliver kidnaps and tortures Anarky to determine Darhk’s location.

“You were holding a man prisoner as some personal vendetta,” Laurel yells at Oliver as the promo cuts to Oliver questioning Lonnie Machin. This doesn’t seem like a very good strategy. Last time we checked, Darhk didn’t want anything to do with Lonnie. Oliver brings HIVE into the conversation, biting back at Laurel: “Do you have any idea how many people Damien Darhk and HIVE have killed over the past six months?” Perhaps they could have been discussing a different Team Arrow prisoner…

Could Laurel have been talking about Andy Diggle?

Hey, remember Andy Diggle? Yeah, Diggle’s bro hasn’t gotten a lot of screen time since he returned from the dead and was given his own cell in Team Arrow’s lair. Could Laurel be referring not to Anarky, but to Andy when she yells at Oliver in the trailer?

We know he has a connection to HIVE, one Diggle was trying to use to get information out of Andy in previous episdoes — to no avail. In the trailer, we see a behind-bars Andy and Dig chatting. How long will Team Arrow keep Andy locked up? And will he ever begin to help them take down HIVE?

What is up with Damien Darhk’s family?

So, Darhk’s wife is in on the evil scheming, then? In the promo, we see Darhk talking to his lady love about “a new beginning” he’s previously promised her. Darhk tells her: “You will have it… once we’ve brought this world to an end.” Presumably, this apocalypse will be brought about via algae, if my midseason finale remembrances are correct.

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Will Oliver use Darhk’s wife against him?

In the trailer, we discover that Darhk’s wife is running for mayor against Oliver. (Yes, debates!) But it seems timely that Darhk’s wife is introduced just as Darhk strikes out at Oliver’s fiance.

Will Oliver try to use Darhk’s wife against him? Does he even know their connection? Either way, Lady Darhk seems able to hold her own.

Why is Roy back in Star City?

We knew Roy was coming back to Arrow, but it seems that Oliver didn’t get the same heads up. In the trailer, we see Oliver pull a mask off of Roy’s face and respond with surprise. Why is Roy back in Star City? Does this have something to do with Thea? Or possibly Felicity? Given that Roy’s Glades background is never really developed, it probably has something to do with Team Arrow, right? Whatever the reason, we get to see Thea and Roy reunite (and hug) later in the trailer. So maybe Oliver is the only one who doesn’t know Roy is back in town?

Why is Nyssa back — and why is she fighting Katana?

Frankly, I don’t care why Nyssa is back, I’m just glad that she is. Hopefully, this is part of her ongoing plan to take down Merlyn and gain leadership over the League of Assassins. It’s unclear how fighting Katana, as we see her do later in the trailer, gets her closer to that goal.

Is Thea suicidal?

We see Thea almost fall off of a building in the trailer. If Oliver hadn’t been there to catch her, she surely would have fallen to her death. Is Thea suicidal? Could this be what brings Roy back to town? She seems to be in some kind of trance in the shot. Is this another one of Darhk’s magic tricks — the ability to convince people to take their own lives? If so, why does this work on Thea and not his other powers?

Is Lyla going to die?

This seems like a big surprise to waste on a trailer, but it certainly doesn’t look good for Lyla. We see a man holding up a gun at close range, then pulling the trigger. Presumably, Lyla will be OK, but how? Is this another HIVE magic trick? Is someone trying to fake Lyla’s death? Or could it be a trick to scare her? Whatever is going on, it’s nice to see Lyla get something to do other than hang out with Baby Sara.

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Are Shado and Goth Felicity both hallucinations?

We get glimpses of both Shado and Goth Felicity in the trailer.

Given that the former is wearing the green hood and the latter is hanging in Oliver and Felicity’s current-day apartment, it seems unlikely that they are flashbacks (or identical twins). Does this mean they are both hallucinations or dreams on Oliver’s part? Or could there actually be an IRL reason for these two to show up in flashback form?