American Gods Season 2 Debuts New Moving Character Posters (Exclusive)

Laura Moon and Mad Sweeney have joined the ranks of American Gods Season 2 characters to get their own nifty moving posters.

American Gods Season 2

Moving posters were always kind of the bare minimum expectation we had for the distant future. Hell, if they could pull it off in Back to the Future and Harry Potter, they could pull it off in 2019. Of course, they haven’t always been as cool as we hoped. But that’s starting to change with this fascinating crop of moving character posters for American Gods Season 2. 

American Gods Season 2 has previously released Americana marquee-theme moving posters for Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle), Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane), and Salim (Omid Abtahi). Now we can exclusively reveal two more. 

The first is for Shadow Moon’s better half and everyone’s favorite revenant: Laura Moon (played by Emily Browning).

Her marquee reads “Believe in Life” but one can’t help but notice that she is swatting at the bugs buzzing around her with vigor. Oh yeah, and she’s technically dead.

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Next up is another familiar face from American Gods Season 1. Mad Sweeney (Pablo Schreiber) is pretty tall for a leprechaun but a leprechaun he is all the same. 

“Believe in Luck” read his marquee and he has some gold to sprinkle along with it. Perhaps it’s fitting that Laura and Mad Sweeney get back-to-back trailer unveiling as they’ll be spending quite a bit of time together in American Gods Season 2, alongside Shadow Moon.

The season synopsis reads:

“The battle between Old Gods and New Gods continues to brew as we join Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) just a few short hours after his declaration of war and the epic showdown that ensued at Easter’s party. While Mr. World plans revenge for Wednesday’s attack and Technical Boy searches for Media, Mr. Wednesday continues his quest to pitch the case for war to the Old Gods with Shadow (Ricky Whittle). Laura and Mad Sweeney in tow, Shadow begins to understand this strange world of the gods and carve out a place in it as a believer, but it is far from a straight path. Change requires sacrifice, and when things don’t go as planned at the House on the Rock, both Old and New Gods, and those they meet along the way, find themselves on journeys across America — all destined for a climactic showdown in Cairo, Illinois.”

American Gods Season 2 debuts on Sunday, March 10 on Starz at 8 p.m. ET.

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