A Rick and Morty Art Show Is Coming To LA

Nothing says "classy bachelor pad" like having Rick and Morty artwork on your wall.

Do you live in California where all the beautiful people are?

If so, you can check out a Rick and Morty art show that’s going on in Los Angeles at Gallery 1988 next Friday, January 13th, from 7-9 p.m. If you are a fancy art connoisseur, you can get over there and be the first to buy up Rick and Morty themed art that you can then hang up in your swanky studio apartment and it will totally get you laid. The next day, the art will go up for sale to the rest of the unwashed public over at gallery1988.com.

You can check out the gallery’s Twitter to keep up with this business and see some of the nifty R&M artwork which they appear to be periodically tweeting.

What’s that? Where’s Season 3 you ask? Get outta here, kid, ya bother me. 

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