10 things I want to see in the Smallville finale

Smallville is approaching its final episode ever. Lauren has her wishlist of what she's looking for from it...


It’s been 10 years and the end is almost nigh. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing Superman on our screens, minus the tights, for so long now. 

We’ve also had to endure those often annoying countless on-off romances with Clark and Lana. We’ve had to put up with lacklustre special effects and a twist on the Superman lore that some people would argue doesn’t make sense. 

We, as fans, have put our faith in the show right from day one, despite its flaws, so it is only fair that we deserve to see a fantastic two hour special finale, right? 

Here is a rundown of the ten things I would like to see happen, in no particular order…

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Allow some of the main cast members who have been in the show down the years to make an appearance for one last time.

It would be nice to see Lex return and find out what he has in store for Clark. I’d like to see an action packed villain episode, with the likes of Brainiac and Zod returning.  I’d also like to see Jonathon Kent giving a few words of the wise to Clark too.

If we can’t have multiple villains, at least bring back Lex.

I do worry, though, that this may have to be a completely different actor, as Rosenbaum seems very reluctant on wanting to reprise his role as the bald loony. 

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Michael Rosenbaum played Lex so convincingly well that I am worried a new actor wouldn’t be able to pull it off.

Update: After this wishlist was complied, it was reported that Michael Rosenbaum will, indeed, return for the series finale. Wish granted!

Please allow Clark to wear the suit during the last episode. 

I don’t mean right at the end for a pathetic two seconds, either. I mean, let’s at least have thirty minutes worth!

I think this is what the fans deserve, having waited ten years. It’s what they’ve been waiting for more than anything else.

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Action, and lots of it. 

Let’s not go down the Superman Returns route and not throw one punch throughout the entire two hours. 

Smallville has always been about gruesome meteor freaks and the ‘wall of the weird’, so it would be nice to stay on that route. Please don’t leave out the action and go all soppy, Smallville. Let’s go out with a bang!

More Chloe. 

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Probably one of my favourite characters in the show and it would be nice to see more of her as Clark’s little sidekick. They reduced her role for this season, but she deserves to show us what she’s got in the finale, having been a loyal servant to the show.

Lois needs to be brainwashed or something.

We can’t have Lois Lane knowing who Clark really is, can we? When he actually does turn into Superman, she needs to know that he is not Clark. He uses the glasses as a disguise in the comics, but she’s seen him without the glasses for all of this time in the show!

I understand, however, that some comics have gone down the route where she does find out that he is Superman, so who knows.

Resolve what happened with Jimmy Olsen.

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Yes, I know he got killed in season 8, but it would be nice to hear how his little brother James is getting on with his camera, seeing as the rumours are that he is, in fact, the Jimmy Olsen and that the Jimmy that died wasn’t the Jimmy Olsen.

Just a bit of confirmation on the Jimmy thing would set my mind straight. Get confused much?

More character development, and powers, for Clark would be nice. 

He needs to be able to fly and gain every single Superman power there is for there to be some sort of closure on his development.

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We all know that Clark Kent is a nerd with glasses, so I think that it’s time for Smallville‘s Clark to put on the disguise permanently. 

He should then let himself off the hook for his disguise by doing that kiss thing he does in the Superman movie to Lois, so she forgets he is Superman/The Blur.

The final credits.

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That spine tingling Superman music that is played in the movies should be heard at the end as the credits role. That would be the icing on the cake for me…

What would you like to see resolved or revealed in the Smallville finale? Add your wishes to the comment section below.

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