Zack Snyder Hasn’t Seen Final Justice League Cut

As hopes for a Snyder Cut of Justice League fade, it turns out that the director never saw the finished version of the film...

Three quarters of a year since it was released, the aftermath of Warner Bros’ Justice League film continues. The film, as you may recall, was originally being directed by Zack Snyder. He stepped away for reshoots and the final part of production, with Joss Whedon taking over. And the cut that ended up in cinemas was an odd mish-mash of basically two different approaches.

Snyder has stayed pretty quiet on the matter too, but fans have tried to rally for the release of a perceived ‘Snyder cut’ of Justice League. A cut that most reports suggest doesn’t actually exist.

In a new report by the Wall Street Journal, it looked into this, and too concluded that the Snyder cut of the movie isn’t actually anything in existence. That at most, Snyder would have done a very rough cut a year ahead of the film’s release. He was believed to be planning reshoots, too.

Interestingly, though, while Snyder didn’t directly contribute to the Wall Street Journal’s report, it was confirmed by his representation that the director “never watched the version of Justice League released in theatres.”

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A sizeable admission that, and perhaps the biggest indicator yet as to Snyder’s thoughts on the whole matter. While he was experiencing a huge personal tragedy at the time he left the project, it’s also become pretty clear since that Warner Bros all-but-removed him from the film.

As such, the Justice League that you got is the only one you’re getting. And if you don’t want to see it? Well, neither does the man who shot most of the footage…